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  • This is a group for creative people to come together and share Skyrim characters that they have created. All are welcome here, power players and role players alike.

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    Last Post by ShinJin
    4 hours ago

    Builders Discuss Topic 10: Standing Stones

    Those mysterious obelisks that dot the landscape of Skyrim, no build is complete without one, but which should you choose?  Standing stones are unique in that most of them have a negligible impact on the character build while a select few w...
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    Last Post by Phil
    January 18

    Project Restoration (Phase Three in the works!)

    Hello minions, greetings and salutations from Varg'Ette, your Thrassian Overlords of Awesome. 
    The site move has resulted in many great things. New partnerships, new features, new horizons and we appreciate our members for sticking with us w...
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    Last Post by Bonelord
    January 1

    The Character Build Archives

    Welcome to The Character Build Archives! On this page all of the group's character builds can be navigated to quickly through our tag network. Builds found here are specialized by archetype and playstyle by their original author so you can refine your sea...
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    Last Post by Albino
    October 6, 2016

    Skyrim Character Building - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

    Hello and welcome to Skyrim Character Building! Before commenting or posting in here, please read and understand our GROUP RULES! If you want to make a build, then read the Character Building Guide as well.
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    Last Post by Vargr White-Tree
    Fri at 12:00 PM

    Character Build: Alduin's Dovahkiin


    Disclaimer: If the music is not playing, to enhance your reading experience: go to the bottom of the page and hit play on the embedded video link. Also this build is not for the faint of heart or those who are pregnant. Some may experience seizu...
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    Last Post by Lissette Long-Chapper
    Thu at 7:39 PM

    Event Build: The Holy Vindicator

    Hello everyone ! If you love D&D/Pathfinder builds you're in the right place, this build is our attempt to bring this prestige class from Pathfinder into Skyrim. This is a prestige class for paladins, clerics and warrior/clerics. While it shares...
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    Last Post by Legion
    Thu at 7:22 PM

    Build Recommendations

    Use The Character Build Archives to find commonly sought out playstyles and builds.
    This is a place where people can ask for suggestions of new builds to play - hopefully it'll spread awareness of some which have got lost under the weight of numbers, and...
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    Thu at 3:29 PM

    Character Build: The Silencer

    The inspiration for this build came directly from this section of Cicero's journal:

    21st of Sun's Dusk, 4E 188. So much has happened since my last entry. After Garnag and Andronica left for Bravil, we stopped receiving communications from the city. We ...
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    Thu at 3:17 PM

    Character Build: The Pridestalker

    Note: This is my first build. Constructive criticism is appreciated. 
     After playing multiple builds during my time on Skyrim, I've gotten bored of the typical throat-slitting and skull-bashing. Khajiit still being my reigning favouri...
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    Last Post by Edana
    Thu at 11:05 AM

    Character Build: The Viper

    A dark cannibalistic assassin that poisons and eliminates their foes without being seen.
    I introduce to you.. 
    The Viper
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    Thu at 6:14 AM

    Character Build: Sorcerer Supreme

    Hello and welcome to my first build. I was inspired after watching Doctor Strange and thinking how awesome would it be to have that kind of character in Skyrim. Criticism is welcomed and encouraged.
    "A bright orange ligh...
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    Last Post by Karver the Lorc
    Thu at 3:24 AM

    Character Build: The Fist of Thalmor

    UPDATE October 2016 - When this build hit Mythic I thought I could revisit it, polish some things and give it a nicer look. And I did, I changed ugly Altmer guy into hot elf chick! Beside the presentation there are few minor changes, but nothing drastic.
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    Wed at 7:41 PM

    Character Build: The Mystic Diplomat

    Here we go! This is my first build on the Character Building Group. Let me just say that there's a ton of creative work and awesome builds being made here! I've finally decided to take a stab at sharing a build that I think everyone will enjoy as a defini...
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    Wed at 5:09 PM

    Character Build: The Devotee of the Ghost Snake

    The fall of High Velothi Culture heralded a new age for the Dunmer people. It was a time of change, of reckoning- a time when we, the Ashlanders, first became. Those of the newly birthed - and deeply misguided - Great Houses, left Saint Veloth&rsqu...
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    Last Post by SoulLess
    Wed at 3:36 PM

    Character Build: The Lightbringer

    The Lightbringer
    Nirn is a place full of evil and darkness. And I’m the one who will purge it. I will do everything in my might to cleanse Nirn of the terrors by which it is inhabited. I will fill this dark place with light. I am Meridas Chosen. I ...
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    Last Post by Noodles
    February 19

    Event Build: The Mesmer

     The Mesmer ...  more
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    Last Post by BlashaKenté
    February 19

    Character Build: Rise of the Fallen

    Aesthetically, Blades gear is amazing but its rarity and lack of synergy with crafting perks often makes it an underused set.  Although the Blades themselves are key players in the Skyrim main quest they have a fairly poor shelf life for role-play an...
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    Last Post by Pestilence
    February 18

    Builders Discuss Topic 9: Mods

    I am Alduin and I shall slay you with my... my... my little pony? Uh... well look at me, I'm huge!
    Sorry for the wee break, but I've been slaving away with my latest installment of Straag Rod and my latest build. Both are not done, yet, but I'm...
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    Builders Discuss Topic 8 the Beeeeg three

    Where do I go from here?
    This week, I'd like Builders Discuss to tackle the most basic of build elements. How do you use them little blue, red, and green bars that you see on the screen and usually pray never get to zero? How do you use...
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    Last Post by Pestilence
    February 16

    Character Build: Fisherman of the Rift (Modded)

    Character Build: Fisherman of the Rift
    (Modded Build)
    ...  more
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    Last Post by Pestilence
    February 15

    Character Build: The First Horseman of the Apocalypse (Modded)

    Character Build:
    The First Horseman of the Apocalypse: Pestilence
    (Modded Build)
     ...  more
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    Character Build: The Fearmonger

    Having never really delved into a truly evil build (Mythic Dawn is pretty evil though) that incorporates raising the dead, I wanted to give it a go. I also wanted to give it a go at a "pure" mage build that only wielded distance spells and did 100% no mel...
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    Last Post by Phil
    February 14

    Character Build: The Trebbite Monk

    And so it's finally here! Easily the most fun I've had in this game, the Trebbite Monk combines fast-paced agile combat with both defensive and offensive magic creating a perfect blend of Warrior and Mage archetypes. Inspired by the lore for one of my fav...
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    February 14

    Event Build: The Dark Purveyor

    Optional: A dark groove for a darker vibe ;D
    "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!”
    Ugh! If I had a Septim for every time I’ve had that bellowed at me I wouldn’t be freezing my scales off in this Hist-forsaken wasteland. I hate the col...
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    Last Post by Phil
    February 14

    Event Build: The Totem Paths

    Event Build:
    The Totem Paths

    ...  more