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  • This is a group for posting work in progress (WiP) content in order to develop it before posting it in the appropriate group. We have a heavy focus on commenting and supporting each other's work here, so come on in if you've got any piece of work that you...  more
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    The Workbench

    This is simply a discussion where you can ask for any sort of help you need with your WiP content. You may also ask any questions you have about the Workshop or its rules here.
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    Workshop Spotlight Corner

    The Workshop Spotlights are a set of Features designed to alert people to interesting new pieces of content posted in the Workshop, and hopefully to follow some of these to the end of their run when they're posted in the appropriate group (Skyrim Builds i...
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    Workshop Idea Dropbox

    Every so often, there's an idea that, left to its own devices, would simply sit in a corner and collect dust. This thread is a sort of "adoption center" for those ideas that are too good to pass up yet take too much time to handle. To participate is simpl...
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    Dragonborn's Guide to Workshop Commenting

    Hi there everyone, I've been keeping track of some comments lately, and I decided to put forward a bit of a guide on how I comment on Workshop Builds (Or all Builds that need improvement) it isn't by any standards a definite process that you need to follo...
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    Workshop Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    The Workshop is a group for members to post their work in progress (WiP) content, either as a place to save it to work on later, or to open it up to community feedback before it is posted in full.
    WiPs that have been left alone for over two wee...
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    WIP Character Build: Zantelei

         Ten thousand years ago, an asteroid hurtled towards Mundus, crashing into the planet. Inside the rock was a very odd specimen that could mutate...
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    WiP Character Build: Wayne's World

    Bit rambly, sorry!
    So, I was chatting with Lissette last night about my practice playthrough for SSE (FINALLY I once more have a PC that can handle, well, games at all, to be honest. Poor old PC got a bit poorly.) I was noodling around with the i...
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    WiP Character Build: The Minotaur

    'It was then that Theseus looked upon the creature, and naught had it a head of a man, but in it's place, sat the head of a bull. A vile creature, it was. It had a body of large proportions, it's chest rippling with muscles, and it's great bull's head...
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    The Two Week Rule?

    Hey there Workshop, I was hoping to get your opinion on something I probably should have asked about two weeks ago. So, since, well as long as I've hosted the Workshop (which is a long time damnit) we've had a rule called the Two Week Rule. Originally it ...
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    WIP Character Build The Thalmor Blood Mage

    The Thalmor Werewolf Blood Mage Agent (working on a better name)
    So this is a pretty rough outline of a build idea I have had for a pretty good while.  I was about to abondon the idea and was in the process of posting this build idea in the Workshop...
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    WIP (FO4): The Predator

    I really enjoyed my Brotherhood build and now that it's finishing up I started looking at my next idea for a Fallout build.  Like many of my early Skyrim builds, this actually got it's genesis from one of the best...Mason.  Not so much his chara...
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    WiP Character Build: Hrothmund

    Welcome to the second in my 21 part build series (oh yeah I'm ambitious this time), each focusing on one of the 18 skills of Skyrim as well as Unarmed, Shouting and Powers. Each of the builds will only perk a single skill, but will attempt to take every s...
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    WiP: FO4 Event Build: Raven

    Testing out an idea for presentation formatting. It seemed like a brilliant idea at first, but i'm starting to think its just going to be illegible.
    Research Log...  more
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    Event Build WiP(Fo4): The Insurgent

       Welcome to the creation of my entry for the newest Fallout Event: Secret Origins. While in search of a new topic to research regarding Fallout lore, I came across a little gem of lore on pre-war Canada. All it took was one small sentence out ...
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    WiP Character Build: The Lovelorn Dragonborn

    So this build was going to be my original submission for the Event Two in Two, but my Agents of Oegnithr then came to me and this little build that could was put on the backburner. The initial playtest was nearly done too, as was my concept art, and thema...
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    May 17

    WiP Character Build: The Hunter Ranger

    Some music that inspired me to play this type of character: Click Here (Soundtrack from the mmorpg Lineage 2).
    Greetings Adventurers, after completing my Skeleton Archer I will try to play a build that will recreate the D&D ...
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    WiP Skyrim Build: The Werewolf Lord

    The Werewolf Lord (Name subject to change)
    So I was thinking, a lot of builds portray the Lycanthropes of Tamriel as bestial beings, uncivilised and unkept, icebrained warriors or hunters. Now there are a fair exceptions to this such as the shaper, I am ...
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    WiP (FO4): The Mercenary

    Recently, I found my New Vegas CD lying on the floor, broken. (WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!!!?) As I sat there, looking at the disc, I remembered about my New Vegas build, the Dustlander Outcast. Without NV to test the build, I can't complete the build ...
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    WIP Event Build (Morrowind): The Huntsman

    The Huntsman
    So, the Huntsman...Well, to put it simply this build is based all around the Bloodmoon expansion and getting the Spear of the Hunter. Why? Well it's an incredibly powerful spear (DA MOST POWARFUL) and I want to use it because it looks awesom...
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    Many Faced God WiP

    Many-Faced God
    Gender: Female (Can use Nate)

     ...  more
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    Extremely Important Announcement

    Hi there guys, Deeb (Host of Shops) here with an extremely important announcement. Tommorow at 9:22 AEST I will be deleting any WiP that's been in the Workshop for over three months without being commented on, and giving two-week notices to any build that...
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    WIP Build: The Tavern Wench

    Character Build: The Tavern Wench
    (Modded Build)
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    WiP Character Build: The Arch-Atronach (On Hold)

    This build was also one of the builds I was considering for the Event Against Type.

    ...  more
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    Workshop Features - A New Beginning

    Before I delve into the specifics of the new set of features that I'll be running, I wanted to go into a bit of detail on the past of the features that have been run in the past. The main two were the Workshop Success Stories, and the Workshop Feautres. T...
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    WiP Profile: Jagnadar, The Mirage

    This is based on Raidrar's build of the same name.
    Name: Jagnadar
    Aliases: The Mirage...  more