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  • This is a group for posting work in progress (WiP) content in order to develop it before posting it in the appropriate group. We have a heavy focus on commenting and supporting each other's work here, so come on in if you've got any piece of work that you...  more
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    The Workbench

    This is simply a discussion where you can ask for any sort of help you need with your WiP content. You may also ask any questions you have about the Workshop or its rules here.
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    Workshop Success Corner

    Hey everyone. So for those that don't know we run a service called the Workshop Success Stories. Any content (Build, Story, Roleplay Profile or whatever) that comes out has the chance to be featured in this but I'm in a tough spot.
    At times it can be dif...
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    February 7

    Workshop Idea Dropbox

    Every so often, there's an idea that, left to its own devices, would simply sit in a corner and collect dust. This thread is a sort of "adoption center" for those ideas that are too good to pass up yet take too much time to handle. To participate is simpl...
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    January 11

    (Belated) New Year's Announcment

    Ho, everyone, and Happy Belated New Year!
    Before I get started, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for contributing amazing Works in Progress for the Workshop. I may not comment a whole lot thanks to the holidays (the last "holiday" - my...
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    November 1, 2016

    Dragonborn's Guide to Workshop Commenting

    Hi there everyone, I've been keeping track of some comments lately, and I decided to put forward a bit of a guide on how I comment on Workshop Builds (Or all Builds that need improvement) it isn't by any standards a definite process that you need to follo...
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    Workshop Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    The Workshop is a group for members to post their work in progress (WiP) content, either as a place to save it to work on later, or to open it up to community feedback before it is posted in full.
    WiPs that have been left alone for over two wee...
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    WiP Character Build: The Starved (On Hold)

    No more Salma Hayek jokes. 
    In all seriousness, though, came across this neat build today. 
    The Nightmare by Clain
    And it actually served a springboard, especially one of my comments on it. I promptly looked through 11, yes ...
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    WiP Character Build: The Arch-Atronach

    (Backstory here)
    Lots to do here, for this build, based on Urag gro-Shub from the College of Winterhold, to come to life. In the UESP, he's listed as a scout or a combat scout, which include the skills light armor, archery, sneak, and restora...
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    WiP Character Build: The Blade Dancer

    This is my take on a rogue that is both socially and combatively deceptive, with a bit of medieval influence thrown into the mix in order to spice things up. I'm not very far into the build presentation as of yet (obviously) so things are likely to c...
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    WiP Event Build: The Agents of Oegnithr

    To kill Man is to reach Heaven, from where we came before the Doom Drum's iniquity. When we accomplish this, we can escape the mockery and long shame of the Material Prison.
    To achieve this goal, we must:

     Erase the Upstart Talos from the mythic....
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    WiP Event Build: The Banshee of the Reach (Ordinator)

    The Banshee of the Reach is the story of an angry Breton woman whose quest it is to discover who she is and to carve out a place for herself in the world. Armed and armoured only in that which she can take, Cliodhna must adapt or die in the wilderness o...
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    WIP Event Build: The Voice of the Mountain

    Believe it or not, one of the most powerful melee builds I've ever played is an unarmed character with only two skills to its name. By level ten or so I was two-shotting Draugr and Sabercats. By level 15 I was a legitimate solo threat to dragons, ...
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    WiP Event Build: The Spectral Paatru

               Argonians as a whole have been through a lot. They were mistreated, enslaved, belittled, and forced into an empire. However this particular story is worse. Immagine fighting your own brother and each of you killing...
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    WIP Build: The Ashlander Outcast (Modded)

    WIP Character Build:
    Ashlander Outcast
    (Modded Build)
     ...  more
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    WIP Event Build: The Worm Fang

    This build is my offering for the Two in Two Skyrim Mini-Build Event. I wanted to construct a build that could be up and ready to play within just a few levels in order to encourage readers to settle into the character, almost right from th...
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    WiP ESO Build: The Bosmer Heretic

    ((Hallo! This will eventually be my first "serious" build for Elder Scrolls Online. Since I play solo 90% of the time, this build is more suited for that playstyle, though so far he's worked in groups too as a DPS. I'm still early in the playtesting proce...
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    Mon at 12:51 PM

    WIP Event Build: The Bow-Knight of Auri'El

    Deep in Valenwood, the Temple of the Golden Bow has kept preserved the teachings of Auri'El Time Dragon for the faithful amoung the Bosmer: Be strong amid the sufferings of this corrupted life. Be pure in soul, for only thus will you reg...
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    Mon at 7:25 AM

    WiP Character Build: The Swordsman of Leki

    My dream...all people are supposed to have one goal in life, that they strive for above all else. But my time has long passed, my dream is no longer something that I can achieve, well it never was a realistic one.  How does a single person, save ...
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    March 19

    WiP Character Build: Theryn the Warrior

    Hello and welcome to my newest project. This warrior build is based on my Bound in Blood character, Theryn Elinos. Since posting the first chapter I wanted to play him. I present to you:
    Theryn the Warrior...  more
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    WiP Event Build: The Undead Ninja

    The Undead Ninja
     “Why did you murder the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong?”
    “It’s a long story.”
    “So start talking.” 
    “When I was young, I was kidnapped by two Morag Tong assassins.  During ...
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    WiP Character Build: Mannimarco, King of Worms

    Have you ever wanted to play a hybrid of a Battlemage, a Necromancer, a Summoner, an Illusionist, an Alchemist, and a Destruction Mage? Well, if you have, then this buildis the build for you. Utilizing The Skull of Corruption, Heavy-Armor, Destruction M...
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    WiP Character Build: Arch-Mage Shalidor

    Hello guys! I wanted to play a sorcerer build, as it is my favorite kind of character to play, but I had already had a build that focused on Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, and Restoration. But I was flicking through lore the other day and I came...
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    March 16

    WiP Event Build: Enchanter

    The Enchanter

    Enchanters are powerful mages who prefer being out in the field to holing themselves up in a musty library. Unlike most other mages they have focused on imbuing their magicks into inanimate objects for use at a later point in time, the cu...
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    March 16

    WIP Build: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War (On Hold)

    WIP Character Build:
    The Second Horseman of the Apocalypse: War
    (Modded Build)
     ...  more
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    March 16

    WIP Build: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine (On Hold)

    WIP Character Build:
    The Third Horseman of the Apocalypse: Famine
    (Modded Build)
     ...  more