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  • The home for everything related to previous Elder Scrolls games - builds, tips, role-play and chat. Also dispenses nostalgia.
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    Last Post by Dragonborn1921
    Tue at 8:49 AM

    Classics Character Building Event: Artifacts

    Hello, Classics players, and welcome to the group’s first Event of the year, and first since Bonelord and I took over as Hosts!
    Those of you who’ve participated in some of the previous Classics Building Events may remember how they work, but ...
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    Last Post by Caesar
    Tue at 4:02 AM

    Classics: Help Desk

    Classics Help Desk
    This is the place, to help people gather fresh ideas for Builds, Events, Character Profile etc. At the same time, this is the place where you can get help for your upcoming Builds etc, and at the same time asking anything regarding the...
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    Last Post by Bonelord
    January 6

    Classics: The Suggestion Box

    Suggestion Box
    Hey guys, if you have any suggestions that could help improve and/or promote the Classics, please let us know and we (the Hosts) will do our best to 'fufill' your suggestion. Heck even if it is something that we Hosts, can improve on, plea...
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    Last Post by Lee
    January 5

    ESC Archives

    This is the list of all the different Classics discussions, by game, event, discussion type and build type.
    The Help DeskGo here to ask questions about the group, mods or builds, roleplay, or just anything regarding the Classics.

    BTB's Morrowi...
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    Classical Armours

    There are many Armour types in all TES Games but which one was your favourite, or,  go to, Armour for your Characters? did you have a particular favourite, did you craft your own? buy it?, steal it, or did you have that special secret place where...
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    Last Post by Pestilence
    April 27

    Morrowind Character Build: The Ashlander Outcast

    Morrowind Character Build:
    Ashlander Outcast
    (Modded Build)
     ...  more
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    Last Post by Overhate
    April 26

    Going back the older games

    So, I popped in Oblivion for the first time in two-ish years and WOW. I forgot how early PS3/360 the graphics and whatnot were. Granted, I never really played with TOO many mods when I played Oblivion, but dang, potato heads abound
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    Last Post by Caesar
    April 25

    Morrowind: Is Unarmoured a Viable Skill?

    Unarmoured's always been a tricky Skill for me in Morrowind. It's got a few benefits, but it's also got some pretty hefty disadvantages (Such as the lower AR). I've only used it once or twice in the past, and found it noticably more difficult without the ...
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    Why You Should Play the Classics

    Greetings all,
    Now, you may have noticed that we aren't the most active of groups, and that's partially on us, but that's also partially due to the lack of people on this site that play the older games in the Elder Scrolls series. So, in a pretty overt gr...
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    Last Post by Caesar
    March 20

    Caesar's Morrowind Mod List

    Morrowind is a truly great game, but unfortunately, many consider it outdated compared to some of today's games. With this list of my favorite Morrowind Mods, I aim to show how modding can make Morrowind a much greater experience.


    Better Bo...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    March 9

    Morrowind Returns

    Hello folks as I am sure you are all aware by now Morrowind is set to make a return by way of ESO. I am wondering now that the Game is back in your minds will it inspire you to revisit the old Game? or will you just drool with anticipation for the new?. &...
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    Last Post by Chris H.
    March 2

    Classics Highlights: Event Build: Runic Knight

    Classics Highlight
    The Runic Knight
    Bonelord and myself are proud to present the second Classics Highlight (of 2017), on the Social Engine. This Highlight is based on a build using my favourite Skill in Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    February 24

    Better Cities

    I´m making this just to show everyone how amazing can Oblivion be with mods and this one is really one of the best. It breaths a large portion of life into empty cities of Cyrodiil while making them bigger, adding more houses, NPCs, quests and other...
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    Last Post by Caesar
    February 24

    Funniest Thing That's Happened to you in the Classics?

    Inspired by RogueSilver's recent What's the Funniest Thing that's Happened to You in Skyrim discussion, here's a complete rip-off for Classics! (All credit goes to Rogue for the original idea, of course)
    Here you can share all your favorite, co...
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    Last Post by CobaltGale
    February 12

    MW: Quick Guide to an Effective Melee Character

    Prisoner asked me to repost my Morrowind video guide from the old Classics group, so here it is. In this video I cover how to make a melee character with the highest possible starting hit chance of 90%!

    Also works with Marksman weapons if you play a Woo...
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    Last Post by Bonelord
    January 20

    Oblivion and the Difficulty Slider

    Greetings Vault dwellers, I wanted to put this to you all, does anyone think it is possible to, not only play on the highest difficulty in Oblivion but to complete the game on the same difficulty, I tried it once and got to the end of the Arcane Universit...
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    Last Post by Legion
    January 6

    Morrowind Creature Feature

    Welcome to Classics dear readers, we have for you today a Creature Feature from the ES Classic Game Morrowind, this is just a selection of the beasties willing to bite, stick, or sting you in this wonderful game
    First up is the Daedric winged Twi...
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    Last Post by Lee
    January 5

    Mirric's Official Oblivion Armor Combo Catalog MOOACC

    Mirric's Official Oblivion Armor Catalog
    Totaly not a ripoff of NOACC
    Feel free to suggest some armor combos
    Like MOOACC? Try MOMACC...  more
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    Oblivion GOTY Deluxe Edition

    So, tomorrow morning I am getting Oblivion GOTY Deluxe Edition, and I wanted to know your honest opinions on all the extra content. I for one am so excited.
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    Last Post by Dragonborn1921
    January 5

    Next Classics Event

    So, because the last Event was quite successful, I think that trying another isn´t really that bad idea. But considering that we have Fallout 4 right around the corner, Crossworlds Event for next two months + General Builds Event after that, I´m not reall...
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    New Build Tag System

    Greetings All,

    Alright, just a quick announcement. We have a new tag system (again)! It's quite similar to the previous one, but instead of Build:Warrior and such, we have Specialization:Combat, Specialization:Magic and Specialization:Stealth. Whatever S...
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    Last Post by Tim
    January 5

    Classics Faction Profiles

    I guess many of you noticed the new Faction Profiles in the Roleplaying Group and they look quite promising, bringing a lot of activity to that group. So it got me wondering. Would you people be interested in having the same option to have these Profile...
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    Classics Build Spotlights

    So for those of you who have missed it, I've been running an irregular service as of late called the Build Spotlights. Basically it's just a way to show off the builds from some of the smaller character building groups, in order to get a little more atten...
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    Announcement: Thank you!

    Hey, guys. I know this isn´t really a usual thing to do, but I would like say thank you to various people, for various reasons.

    If you haven´t noticed, this month was quite successful for TES Classics, and that makes me really happy. We had...
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    Last Post by Mirric
    January 5

    Your First Skywind Character

    While the Skywind is still far from being complete, I wonder if you ever thought about your first character with which you will play it. And this question isn´t just for those who play on PC, but for others too. Imagine you can play Morrowind in Sky...