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The All Time Greatest Paid Games on Steam

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    October 30, 2017 7:22 AM EDT

    Ok, so I've been saving my money for quite a while, been doing some jobs, thinking of getting  a job, actually - nah, I'm too lazy. Anyway, I've got like $150 'straya dollars (spent the rest of what I'd earnt on headphones) and I'm wondering. What are the greatest games on steam?



    1. Quality; A game must be overall well-made, with both an inspiring and moving story, gripping gameplay, unique mechanics and interesting characters. It should stand out from other similar titles (eg. Witcher 3 and Skyrim in the WRPG genre)

    2. Price to Quantity; My general consensus is simple; a dollar is an hour. For example, Skyrim Special Edition I got for 30 bucks and I'm already like 100 hours in on various characters (my most recent being Anubi) and that's excluding my time on the XB360 legendary edition. Another good example is Overwatch; $60 dollars and 90 hours. A bad example would be something like Superhot VR - an amazing game that drove me over the edge with how fun it was, but it ended in 2 hours for $60. It, simply said, wasn't worth it. Buy Superhot instead. A game should keep you going for hours - whether through mods, content, multiplayer (a surefire life-extender) or simply replayability.

    3. Community; This one isn't really important, but it's nice not to have the CS:GO community every once in a while.

    4. That Secret Sauce; That something special that makes the game good - for Skyrim, it would be the endless immersiveness (with a few mods) as well as the livable and realistic world built and drenched in lore so thick you could grow gills and swim through it. For Titanfall, it's the interesting mix of fast paced parkour and slow, sluggish (in a good way) mech fighting. For PUBG, it's the immense satisfaction and pulse pounding emotion it brings to the table. 


    With all said and done, what do you think are the greatest paid games on Steam? 


    *may turn this into series with greatest free games next?*