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Rank The Races

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    December 5, 2017 12:14 PM EST

    1. Arognian. They drove back Dagon's forces and made them close the Gates themselves. They live in a land where hardly anyone can survive. The tribes and their culture are really awesome and interesting. Also, they have a close relation with Sithis and such and that is pretty cool.

    2. Dunmer. The whole rebellion thing and religious reformation that is basically is all like F*** the Aedra and such is kind of cool. Also, I do like their culture.

    3. Altmer. Really they are high mainly because of the Psijic Order and their history of days past, and their culture.

    4. Nord. I love their myths, culture, and having a bunch of Slavic blood in me. I couldn't help, but to kind of like them.

    5. Breton. They are the best of both worlds being skilled in Magic and Fighting.

    6. Redguard. Their Lore is pretty cool, their culture is pretty cool, and they have a God that beat another God with a stick

    7. Imperial. Fantasy Romans, done.

    8. Khajiit. They're okay and their lore and culture is interesting, but if I was in the world of Elder Scrolls I would punch them in the face for how they speak

    9. Bosmer. Hippie Canabalistic Altmer, enough said

    10. Orsimer. Yeah, I just don't like them plus their creation story is crap, literally.