Bah, I hate being "that guy" who starts a conversation like this, but I feel like we need a place just for debating the merits of the women in Skyrim. I have to say my personal favorite is Lydia. Extremely attractive face, she wears heavy armor like a T-shirt and she has a voice that I think is used only once, maybe twice more in the game. Second is Sapphire, from the Thieves' guild. She's not super attractive, but her backstory and aura of being aggressive because she's afraid to get hurt again intrigue me. Who is your favorite, and why?

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Well as you know Bill, my orc is married to Borgakh! The hottest orcette this side of the Reach.

But other NPCS of note for me personally, would be Lisette (the bard from the Winking Skeever) she has a great voice.

Aela is pretty cute too. 

Ah yes, I forgot about Lisette! The thing about Aela is the face paint for me...I don't know, it's kind of a turnoff. Fits strangely well with Mjoll the Lioness, though, but that doesn't matter because she's craggy as hell anyways :P

That's a difficult question. Either Lydia, Muiri, the assistant at the alchemist in Markarth (she's part of a brotherhood quest) or Camilla.

Ah yes, Muiri, another one who works the face paint well. Pity you have to be in the DB to marry her, though. Camilla...she has those pouty lips, and kind of a vulpine face actually. Not my kind of girl.

*Note to everybody- I am not slamming anybody's tastes, just making my own observations. It's all academic anyways :P

What was her name... Carlotta? I forget her last name, but I think it starts with a V. If I were to marry someone it would probably be her, just with a little help from the console to allow me to do that and vuala.

Originally I wanted to marry Lydia, but I've changed my mind.

Valentia? Grocer in Whiterun I believe.

Yeah, the one that says she has fresh vegetables.

Hroki.  Can't marry her, but I definitely did a double-take when I saw her for the first time in the Markarth marketplace.

So true, I was so disappointed that you can't even TALK to her.

I can't remember her name, but she is in the Bannered Mare (right?) In Whiterun who wears heavy armor and you can get inot a brawl with.

Also Sapphire. Attractive in teh face and her backstory is awesome.


I can't remember anyone else xD

Uthgerd the Unbroken.

I'm personally drawn to Aela the Huntress' charms, as well as Mjoll the Lioness.  But then I've only been to a few places in Skyrim, so I can't say for sure if they're the most beautiful or not.

Oh, and Jarl Elisif!  They don't call her "The Fair" for nothing!

Agreed. Aela and Elisif aren't that bad either. Personally I do not find Uthgerd attractive at all.


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