Every race have a special power. my favorite is the altmers "Highborn"-power.
Which one is your favorite power, and why?

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The high born power was extremely useful but I think the argonians water breathing has brought me the most fun. Rising from the depths to wreak havoc then disappearing back to the depths like some evil sea monster lol Also when running from windhelm its great fun to leap off the bridge to escape the guards.

Well I want to say night eye or kahjiits, as thts my main race I play. But skyrim has kind of trivialized that power (in my humble opinion :p) 
But one of my new personal favorites is the Orc racial (can't remember the name!) I recently made a berserker/werewolf Orc and I find it very fun to use his racial and when it runs out, to pop beast form!

Since a picture says a thousand words, I'll just leave it at this: 25 frames per second for 555 seconds, here's your 13875 word explaination

What difficulty was that?  (and wouldn't that be 13,875,000 words?)

Silly me, I forgot to x1000. But that was on Expert difficulty, and I don't think you'll be fighting 10 giants at once or anything of their combined power level, even on master!

Crazy good 

Ponty, i have changed my opinion. histskin is my favorite!! :-)

Yea, I have to try that build myself.  For those interested in Ponty's build.

High elves, everyone knows that. It;s kind of unfair developers give such a unbalanced power for just one race. Makes you think altmer are the superior race. They certainly seem to think this way.

Hmmm, i'm also a big lover of the highborn racial power, unfortunately the regen cuts out if you just continually spam your spells which interrupts the chaos a little.

Overall orcs have the strongest racial power in my opinion, its probably why they werent given any racial resistances.

Im currently loving the bretons dragonskin/atronach stone combo as it gives you full spell immunity and allows you to spam spells continually against casters, its actually better than highborn in certain situations.

Favorite, The khajiit claw attack.  Wait, that's not a power that's an ability..

The orsimer, altmer, argonian, and breton all have nice racial powers.  Of the four I have a slight preference for the orsimer's berserker rage... All of the rest of the abilities can be duplicated somewhat in the game (I guess that's true for the orsimer too - just lower the difficulty a couple of steps)



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