Hi Bloggers! Many of you will know me as an avid Character Builder and TES player but I'm also a huge fan of D&D and pen&paper RPGs in general. Last June I set out to create an Elder Scrolls RPG built from the ground up (though it is loosely based on D&D). For a link to the Google Docs where the core rulebook is, check out the Facebook page:

The Elder Scrolls: D20

The entire system is pretty much complete (and is very much playable!), but lacks a few features:

  • An extensive creature list like D&D Monster Manual
  • A guide on experience and loot distribution
  • Recommended difficulties for encounters and out of combat challenges

Of course, you're able to make those up yourself and there are guidelines in the work in progress Creature Codex to create your own creatures! I'm currently working on a web app that I can use to generate creature statistics for me.

If you do end up playing, feel free to drop me a message here or on the Facebook page!

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Haha thanks for picking that up, I haven't really gone through and proof-read it yet!

Attached an early version of the character sheet.

Completed the Character Creation doc, with all races, how to fill out your Character Sheet, and leveling up!

Sounds awesome, D&D and soda are about as wild as my nights get, and now throwing the Elder Scrolls into the mix makes it even better.

Finished Combat (finally)

Done weapons (the lower tier versions anyway). Might come back and change some of the numbers around later though

Maybe when/if I do mounted combat. Might just group em up with Spears though

Finished the equipment section (for lower level equipment anyways)

Combat system is amazing! I'm really looking forward to playtest this beauty

Thanks! I was really trying to keep the combat system nice and simple but still in the spirit of TES and other tabletop RPGs

Level 1 and 2 spells done! Getting close now

I want to play this, but I've never played D&D. Will I be able to pick this up relatively easily?



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