Ok, I've done the whole Diplomatic quest of course and did get the B.Gem from the Embassy. So what I decided to do is go back and kill all the Thalmor. I got in by jumping the fence with Shadowmere and killed them all in the courtyard. The I went about getting all the loot, etc.

Question is, while I'm in the Embassy where the 'party' was, there's another room that you can't get in. You need a key. There's about 3 Thalmor in the room (I did 'detect life') and you can see them. Of course once you get keys, they stay with you (no need to drop them off anywhere since they weigh nothing) How do you get into this room? or can you at all? There's also a room/door in the kitchen that you can't open. I recall getting a key before the quest began. Or actually you get it off one of the guards. Can't remember. It's been a while.

Hence these questions raises an eyebrow that you're not supposed to be able to get in the room so you won't kill all of the Thalmor that may there for the new DLC,. I could be completely wrong and someone on here will let me know how to get in that room and pillage the rest of the Thalmor.

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you've done well getting that far, I don't think it was intended, I've tried. I'm sure there won't be any consequences though

I just checked it out now.

The room adjoining the party room is in fact one of the ones that you can get into from the hallway, after Malborn takes you through the kitchen to your gear. It's key-locked during the quest as well, not sure why the door's there.

The door in the kitchen is to where Malborn has your gear, since he locks it behind you so the guards think nothing is amiss.

yeah, there's that door near the kitchen which you're talkin about and another one. Did you use 'detect life' spell? You can see there's two people (Thalmor) that are in the room. I believe you can get into there from the outside also, but it's locked. You know, right when you enter the gates, keep going straight. I think it's the front door to the embassy that needs a key. There's also another door inside to that 'front area', but locked.

Anyway, thanks Ponty. If you have time again, try the 'detect life' and see if you've killed all the Thalmor. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if all of them were disposed. haha!!!

Yeah I'll go back after a game week or so and check it out again, I'll let you know what happens


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