A bit of Thursday fun along with the Deathmatch I suppose!

1.) Favorite NPC?

2.) Where do you kick back after a quest?

3.) What character from another game would you want as a follower in Skyrim?

4.) Soul Trap or Chaos Enchant?

5.) Would you rather - Max Damage, or Max AR?

6.) Favourite Skyrim Skill?

7.) Favourite Skyrim Spell?

8.) Children - Yay or Nay?

9.) Least Favorite Quest in Skyrim?

10.) If you could be any NPC in Skyrim who would you be? (Other than the Dragonborn, or Miraak!)

Post your results below!!

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I do that as well :P. When someone really pisses me off I always "bring them back" if I can. Nothing feels better than defiling the bodies of your enemies, again. 

sorry, but "defiling"?! sounds like Zombie Fumbling all over again....urrghhh.

I used to live in Blackreach too Emer. So nice this time of year.

1. Me

2. Sovngarde, eating souls is so peaceful.

3. Corvo Attano

4. Chaos

5. Why not both?

6. Sex appeal. Wait... 

7. Meteorite storm

8. Yay, create my own personal army

9.  Main quest line

10. Uhhh, me.

Most Disturbing Answers Award goes to...... Alduin!!!!   


Well done man....

I don't think it would suprise many people.

I win cheese right? Whiskey? Nuclear bomb? Anything?

You win anything you want with those answers....

8.) "Yay, create my own personal army"?! Here, have all the cheese you want.

It's more disturbing when you know what Question 8 was.....

How about Whiskey Cheddar (Why the f*ck doesn't alcoholic cheese already exist???) with a nuclear bomb strapped to it? Good prize?

I'd take that!

I wonder what happens if I put some good cheese in a bowl of exellent whiskey and then eat it. One way to find out.

I wouldn't recommend it.

mmmm, this is getting me hungry.  If there's Jameson chocolate, there has to be a Jameson infused cheese!  


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