POLL : How long have you played Skyrim for so far?

Bethesda were commenting in one of their press releases that the average person who bought Skyrim via the Steam platform has played for 75 hours.

75 Hours? That seems low to me... 

I think its likely that people who hang out on a site like this are going to be a bit more ...er...obsessive about the game that other people. But even so, for 75 to be an average there must be people who only played the game for a couple of hours to average out those who played for a LOT longer

So this is going to be the topic for this weeks poll

How long have YOU played Skyrim for so far?

So, vote in the poll, and talk about it here. Did you sink most of your hours into the game back in November, then slowed down? Or has it been a steady number of hours per week? Have you taken a 'sabbatical' from the game yet?

Let's talk about how much we've invested into the land of Skyrim 

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I'm in the very low 300's right now.  (I think I counted it up as 302 or 303, something like that) but it's still a far cry from Oblivion and Baldur's Gate which both consumed huge tracts of my life.

I'm just getting a few papers and exams finished up, I haven't been too active in the past week, only managed maybe two hours every other day at best but now I get to have some more fun, working out some of the latter portions of the Razzelas story. And still going strong, got some other charactes lined up after I'm done.

340 for me. I got it on the 14th of November and played it about 250 hours before Christmas. Afterwards I couldn't really get back into it - I spent most of my time in Skyrim making build videos, new builds etc. I've haven't played much at all since the beginning of February, and most of the time I spend in-game is for Aedric's adventure. I doubt I'll be playing any other character than Aedric for quite awhile, since almost every time I walk into a dungeon I get that 'done this all before' feel.

I've done 74 hours on my main agonian thief/illusionist. But I have made about 7 other characters during that time and played them for various times. So I'm guessing around high 100's or low 200's. I feel like such a nerd.

304 hours, but i have a 2 week vaction next week and a month after that and 7-8 week vaction, so i expect that i would cross the 400 hours very soon

Seems like I'm something of a lightweight at ONLY 215 hours!



My steam account shows about 650 hours.  However, often when I play, I pause the game, and come back to it later, sometimes hours later.  My guess of actual playtime, is probably about 1/3 of my total, so I put the 200-300 hr range, but this is only an estimation.

When I first saw that I was like

Then I kept reading...

I believe I'm at around the 180 hour mark. Havent finished the main quest, only done the college of winterhold questline. Just roaming around is fun enough for me =)

I've rolled out about 275. Pretty much 90% of one character. Done just about everything, I think. Right now I'm at the point that I'm trying to find every location. I know some of you think this is bad, but it's just a goal I have right now. It's just kill time for me. I've discovered 336 locations. Don't know the total that can be discovered. I've heard different numbers.

Another "stat" that I added up was the quests lists. I'm really not a "stat" guy, but thought I would be fun. Under the general stats, adding them up completed, was 553. Not sure if some of these co-inside each other or what. That seems an aweful lot. Yikes! Gives me an idea for a post......

Ty, I printed out a map when I played Oblivion to do the exact thing.  Still not done...

yeah, I have the map that came with the guide. Usually I go by Hold to Hold. It's easier that way. I'm real close. Maybe 4-5 more. I would think locations discovered would be an even number.

It says 160 but that's actually wrong. I'd say I have somewhere like 230 to 260.

My little USB network card broke and I didn't have internet for about 2 and a half weeks. During this no-internet period I sunk most of my time into Skyrim and had to load it up from TESV.exe because for some reason I couldn't get into Steam's offline mode (Needed internet for update maybe?).

As for how much I've played I haven't played for at least 3-4 weeks. Lately I've been switching between Total War: Shogun 2, A whole ton of demos, and now the Tribes Ascend Closed Beta. (Anyone want a code?  I can invite "friends" but I don't know anyone that would want to play this or has the time.)


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