You may be thinking there are no useless perks in Skyrim there is some character out there that can make use of the perk in question. In Skyrim there are some pretty crappy perks and I think the worst has to be Novice Locks in the lockpicking tree it's description is "Novice locks are much easier to pick." What perk do you think is the worst? Discuss.

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The "Allure" perk is pretty pointless but you have to get it to get the "Merchant" perk. Also the "Hunter's Discipline" perk is kinda pointless since Dawnguard added arrow crafting.


Plus, although not pointless perks, it's annoying that the fire, ice and lightning enchanting perks are seperate.

Allure is OK and if you don't have hunter's discipline is good if you don't have dawnguard if you are one shoting things then you are actually gaining arrows and it annoys me also that the elemental echanting perks aren't altogether as one.

I think that unless you're using decent arrows they're widely available by killing bandits, Draugr etc. anyway and Allure is essentially the same as Haggling but only works on half the population. I wouldn't say they're completely useless but just as waste of a perk as there's usually something much more useful you could take instead.

But 99% of bandits only use iron arrows so it get's to be useful. And a lot of Draugr don't use bows.

You've got me there. However, I've used archery with several characters and it is only with my current character I've remembered to equip specific arrows.

I try to use the arrow I have the most of (other than iron) unless I am against a tough enemy then I use my best.

Yeah. That's what I'm doing with my current character. With the rest I just focused on the bow and forgot about the arrows.

I can't take you serious, Dann. Not with that profile picture. All you say feels like a meme! :P

Cushioned. Absolutely useless. How often do you fall in the first place, and if you do you normally fall enough that will kill you regardless. That being said, it's a waste of a perk.

Could use it to quickly level restoration but it is not a good perk.

Cushioned and Fists of Steel are two of my most loathed perks. They really ruin the heavy armor tree for me. Tower of Strength is also a broken perk, it does nothing apparantly.

I think some of the weapon specialisation perks are a bit of a let down as well, Limbsplitter etc.

Don't even get me started on Lockpicking, an Unarmed perk tree would have been so much better.

Speech would perhaps be an awesome skill if you could actively use it like you could back in Morrowind and Oblivion. I wish there was more scope for Speech actually, entire questlines you couldn't do without it etc...

I think Bethesda should've paid attention to Obsidian in regards to the speech skill. They did a great job with it in New Vegas.


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