I'm playing a new character as a Mage, and have a question about the "Mage Armor" perk in Alteration.

It says that the perk will double (2.5, etc.) the effectiveness of oakflesh, stoneflesh, etc. as long as you're not wearing armor. My question is, does "not wearing armor" include guantlets, boots, and helmets? Or is it only what the game calls "armor" (i.e. breastplate & greaves)?

In other words, if I'm wearing robes & a circlet, but also steel
guantlets and steel boots, is the Mage Armor perk (and ironflesh spell) in effect?

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Wearing boots or gauntlets will negate the mage armor perk yes! although ulfrics gauntlets do have ac but dont effect the mage armor perk.
Thanks. (Dammit!). Off with the guantlets & boots.

So how does dragonskin interact with the mage armor spells. Dragonskin gives 80% physical damage reduction and the mage armor skills give + to your armor. Can you run both? And does the mage armor perk apply to dragonskin?

I won't be able to wear the dark brotherhood gloves and take advantage of the mage armor perk? Bummer!

What about the Dragon Priest masks?





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