After the release of Danwguard, many people quickly became fond of the Vampire Lord Harkon's daughter, Serana. However, after going through a number of quests with her, and seemingly bonding well, many players were surprised and disappointed to learn that the two of you couldn't tie the knot.

Myself and a small group of others were discussing this, and decided that we would try to gather support for the addition of Serana as a romantic option. If you'd like to participate, please sign the petition below:

With enough support, then perhaps we could make a difference! Let's show Bethesda how we feel!

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That's pretty bloody condescending Tristen. 

Putting it in perspective: "Are you people that don't understand so devoid of imagination that you can't roleplay a character that's not yourself?  lolz"

The point is that she's a fleshed out character, one that the protagonist has a significant interest in and attachment to from what happened in Dawnguard.  She has a lot of personality, a ton of history, the game delves into her life to a surprising degree; it makes her fun, unique, and thus she might seem attractive to a lot of people compared to the boring old Nords.  For me, I think it's surprising though I have no feelings for or against it at all.  It merely seems like it was forgotten (along with Khajiit and Bosmer... again).

That was my one surprise from DG was how much more fleshed out the characters were, I must say, my vampire hunter became a vampire for her!

Let's not get our panties in a twist . I'm less than harmless. I only thought it was funny.

Firstly I think marriage is more than a pointless feature in Skyrim. Looking deeper into it than face value is a pretty pointless endeavour.

Although I think it's nice they included so many new features that fans demanded. Though there could have been so much more depth to the new things that were implemented.

Greatly exploring the depths of Skyrim, I'm quite disappointed in the few new things they put in along with the things they left out (Arena!). Marrying Muiri and having her only ever tell me 'Thank you for solving my... problem' in passing drove me to breaking her face in then beating her corpse for a good solid half hour. And she what? Cooks stuff for me? Gives me some money? That's a nice representation of marriage. There's no love involved, no story to any chemistry. Boring.

Secondly, there's so many things that could have been put in with this DLC. Marrying Serana should be last on the demand list, but I guess we all have our side opinions.


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