I read on how during the great war the Thalmor was defeating the Empire on every front. The Empire did not start winning battles until they started using guerrilla warfare and until they brought Nord reinforcements from Skyrim. So why would the people of the Empire trust them when the imperials said they can protect them from the Thalmor. Leave it to the Stormcloaks we can defend the people of Skyrim better than the Empire say they can.

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If you read the article I find it hard to believe you would say this afterwards:

the imperials would have been wiped out if it wasn't for the Nords of the north so the people of skyrim should not have to suffer for the imperials weakness. So therefor the Stormcloaks have every right to revolt against the imperial empire.

The Nords barely suffered any losses, the biggest blows were absorbed by the Imperials and Reguards. The Nords only lost a false Divine.

Finally, someone speaks the truth

>>>Implying that Talos is a false god.

>>Implying it's acceptable to destroy a significant part of a people's culture.

>Implying a people have no right to throw off the yoke of oppression in order to avoid cultural destruction.

Talos is not a false divine if you have played any of the other Elder Scrolls you would know for a fact that Talos is not a false divine. And the Nords of skyrim are being dictated by the empire most to the fact of the divine god Talos.

You seem to find ''facts'' rather easily. Just because someone tells you it is a certain way does not mean it is.

Talos is a god, not a divine, there's a major difference. The Empire never really looked up to Talos a divine, but more as a hero. The only reason he was ever instated as a divine was to please the Nords who would cry like babies if someone stepped on their toes.

Well he was a divine (divine just means he was in the Alessian pantheon, not necessarily an Aedra), not anymore though.

Alduin is pretty much correct on the Talos regard.


Talos is a divine. Akatosh made him so. He is part of the nine divines, and will always be. Being shunned by Elves is not going to make a difference.

Being a divine just means he is in the Imperial pantheon (which is not some infallible collaboration of cultures but a way to make a continent wide pantheon without pissing everyone off), and he's not a part of that pantheon anymore (even though people still worship him). You're thinking of Aedra, and you don't exactly just become an Aedra (and Akatosh can't make you one either).

And why is he not part of the pantheon? BECAUSE THE ELVES SAID SO.

Alduin u elf worshiper noreds are by far the strongest of all warriors in Tamriel


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