So after 704 hours of Skyrim I've discovered this place for the first time. (This place) And I gotta say, "What a trip". It was a lot of fun.

The easiest way to get there (if you haven't been) is start from Ansilvund. When facing the dungeon Ansilvund you'll cut a path to the left and then up the hill. And then have fun!

So my question is have you been there before? And what are your thoughts on the place?

For discussions, place spoiler banners for spoilers. Thanks!

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Has anyone been here?

I found it myself, it was quite exciting when the *SPOILER* shiny ball of light thing appeared, then that fall was nuts! It's a pity we don't see more stuff like that, a similar dungeon was one of my favourite parts of Nehrim (Oblivion total conversion)

Oblivion total conversion? Whats that?- edit: I just checked it out. Very interesting.

I wonder is someone will do a Skyblivion like a they did a Moroblivion. Converge the character, lore, quest data into Skyrim's engine. That's would be utterly bitchin',

I thought it was really cool when I found it the first although I have to say I was a little bit disappointed there wasn't a quest or explanation really of what it was all about???

LOL I did wonder what you had found on youtube that would explain it but thats excellent man lol

True true, but I guess I can appreciate some mystery being behind it all.

I had found this before in previous games. It is an interesting find. Kind of expected more though. I mean anyone have any idea behind the history of that strange light?

Maybe there's something in the books about it. IDK

maybe it's intentional for the player imagine a backstory for it


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