Hardest enemy in the game? (excluding dragons+dragon priests) Why?

I think the hardest enemy in Skyrim is any type of Master mage(like a conjurer).

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I'd have to say Draugr Deathlords.

Agreed.  They have serpentine moves, so it is tough to hit them with magic.

@Mason, have not met him yet, but I am anticipating a few reloads with Gauldur and his family.

For some reason anything that wields magic (not shouts - magic) seems to be sapping my health quicker than any swordsman.

I have no resistance at all, so that probably explains it, but since I still manage to defeat the opponents with my trusty sword and shield I don't bother finding items with resistance.

I don't really consider any lone enemy tough (besides dragon priests), as I usually can take them down fairly quick, but if they start to attack in packs (a deathlord and a few scourges, or a master magician and a few apprentices) I usually have to down a potion or two.

P.s - Actually daedra pack quite a punch as well, but haven't really run across many of those, so wouldn't call them THE toughest enemy.


or at the start of the game, sabre cats

Enemies who have caused me trouble:

Sigdis Gauldurson - He spawns three of himself, uses a maxed out unrelenting force, and is a very damaging bowman. I'm a rather patient player, preferring to slowly 'out box' most opponents whilst sustaining little damage myself, this tactic just doesnt work on old sigdis, you need to close him down fast and hit him hard. I also HATE having to drink a potion resulting in 'pride-deaths' far to much.

During my first playthrough the necromancer at the end of Meridias quest gave me the hives to. Must have reloaded 10+ times before i sunk him.

I also think that Charus Reapers deserve a mention, you dont want to fight more than one at once, they can bring on the rape anytime if given the chance.

I would agree with you on Sigdis! Big time! He was a pain in the ass. The other two(brothers?) weren't so bad, but man, that Sigass suuuuucked. The cool thing was I enjoyed the challenge. Can't remember how I finally got him, but every time I loaded a new start I would try something different. I don't mind dying a couple times. Makes me think of different/creative ways to slay. Sometimes if I'm desperate I'll even try and go in Werewolf-style. That's usually somewhat of a last resort. Alot of times that won't even work(honest, Werewolf I've notice isn't that great. It was early in the game, not now) Wish there was a little bit more of boss's that had "uniqueness" like that.

That whole Sigdis thing was a big pain but the amulet, SOOO worth the trouble. Somehow I have a hard time against the Forsworn magic users, those giant shards of ice through the face are a killer.

It looks good at first but overall i was let down by the 'artifacts' in this game. The Gauldur amulet essentially gives you 9 levels worth of balenced stat points, once you have simply maxed enchantment you can make an amulet that gives you 12 levels worth of stat points in two of your stats. And thats without a bought potion or extra worn enchantments on top, god knows what you are able to create with maxed alchemy and enchantment.

Artifacts in my opinion should always exceed what is possible to make yourself, ala Morrowind and Oblivion, or their just not artifacts. Certainly not worth risking my hide with a teleporting, homicidal draugr for!

Mason, really now. How long are you going to cry about that lowly draugr. :P

I certainly appreciated the extra health (since I haven't met a thing I won't try to axe to death.)


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