Since we only have a few days left, I want us to get all nostalgic here. Post your favorite conversation, your best memory, what this site has given you...anything about what the site meant to you that you want to share.

To me, I learned a lot about the world and met some fantastic friends. I also learned to love you guys. I'll miss this site so very much.

R.I.P. Skyrim Blog

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I'll start.

First, I want to say thank you to Ky for convincing me not to give up on this site months ago. She was right as her divine self always is. :)

I also want to say thank you to every single person on here that has made my life so much richer. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone on here. This has been a second home to me and a place I have looked forward to visiting. I learned so much, like the fact that Dutch people wear mullets too, I learned that Asverze likes to swear, Bilal looks awesome in blonde locks, dragons like Skittles, there is so much more that you can do with cucumbers than I ever wanted to know, foxes truly are sly, dogs are well...dogs, blacksmiths can survive for an unlimited amount of time in a dragon belly, Batman lives in Australia, big fish poop a LOT, some guys like to dress like Grammas but can somehow still be cool, old rockers still rock (not Mick Jagger tho)..., and sooooooooooo much more.

Goodbye blog.

????   I like to swear ? Where the f*ck you get that from, damned.

Nevertheless I'll miss this blog too. I love to read the various post and has to smile of lauch reading nice, funny, comic and even ridiculous scribbles. I'll remember the writings linked to that sexy red-hair avatar which could contains the weirdest things somethings (ohh.. did those came from you Shannon..<3) 

What is a mullet btw. Some sort of a decent US dress?


Jaundice McYellow *shudders*

That's a good memory, neel? I can never eat another cucumber for the rest of my life because of those images. 

This is going to be hard...

I guess first and foremost, what I discovered first about this site were the stories that people created, and I was really drawn to those. The first I read was Piper Jo's story about Lucy, and I was hooked. Along with Lucy and her heartwarming/heartwrenching adventures, I have so very much enjoyed Aedric's heroic adventures, Larz' search for his family, Razzelas' silver tongued story, Titan's deal with Dagon, A Dunmer's revolution in WIndhelm and into Aetherius, Elara's trek to find her father, Charlie's brilliant snippets of writing, Iraeleous' impressive outings and more recently Ultek and Amber's blogs. 

Some of Shannontist's forum topics have been a veritable hoo-ha, and just as she has mentioned, I've definitely learned quite a bit about all of you! The challenges group has been a lot of fun to host and enjoy, and I'm lucky to have found this place! 

Oh, and I remember cucumbers...always cucumbers..

Cucumbers are what I will forever be trying to forget, B. I hope Narmis gets back on before the site shuts down. I would like to say goodbye to him.

Oh, I have to mention getting my nickname too. :P That is amazing.

I feel lucky too, B. For the short time I have known you all, I am privileged to call you my friends.

Oh, this will probably come in waves for me, particularly as other people post, too.  But this is an excellent idea, Shannon, and might be a bit cathartic, too.

I am certainly glad that you stayed, and that my overly active imagination (and fear that I have given the wrong impression on ANYTHING) did not drive you away!  I think I have learned a lot about resiliency from you, Shannon, and that you can chose to define yourself, and not your past.  (I will save some other sappy things in a PM to you!)  

I remember reading the site on Wordpress I think it was, and being blown away by the quality of discussions, Paul's amazing posts on the different eras of Tamriel's history, and simply genuine, friendly people.  So I did not join until the site was moved to Ning, and managed to become part of this community, the first internet community that I have ever joined.  

I remember with fondness the evening where we were trying to guess what Bilal was doing, and he, with his characteristic wit and good nature, joined in the fun!

Working with Mason on the Daedric "moggies" was unforgettable!

Girl gamer discussion on fellas we would like to "mod" into the game was a blast!

Only a start, but you are right, the people are what made this, and that is what makes all of this tough.  To quote Legolas...for me the grief is still too near.

Oh The Daedric faces and the Cats, those were so well done! Cannot believe I forgot about those!

Vix's lore articles have also been thoroughly fantastic and engrossing, I cannot believe the amount of work he put into those things.

I do remember that thread about what I was doing. That was awesome haha

Ky, I feel your pain, truly. I am still glad that I stuck around at your behest. I would have missed out on a lot of terrific people. :) My heart felt as if broken all day and I could barely manage a grim smile for all of our patients.

Hehe, the what is Bilal doing was so fun! Although I am sure he was like WHAT!! with all the cross-dressing answers. He took it all in good stride like the amazing, wonderful, charming person that he is though.

Oh, yeah and can't forget Ricardo's stories...all revolving around pooping in one way or another...

Yeah, I'd say some of the 'highlights' were the Daedric Cats, The Divines with all our mugs and the group photo of our characters in front of a word wall!!! That last one was really cool (thanx Mason) Actually, big kudos to MaseDog for all of those projects. (pretty sure he used his photoshop wiz on all of those. If I forgot somebody who helped out on that, sorry about that)

Speaking of that group photo, where is it on here? Is it deep in the vaults somewhere?

Loving how you give Mason all the credit for this


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