The Dragon Sage

       Resembling their ancient evil counterparts ( Dragon Priests ), Dragon Sages worship the Dragon God of Time, Akatosh, and act as leaders of both the Akatosh Chantry and the Order of the Hour. They embody all that which their deity stands for: endurance, invincibility, and everlasting legitimacy.

Lore: Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time

      Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time, embodies the qualities of endurance, invincibility, and everlasting legitimacy. He is the chief deity of the Nine Divines, and besides Lorkhan, the only deity to be found in every Tamrielic religion. In his servitude are the Akatosh Chantry,a group of priests that live to do his biding, and the knightly Order of the Hour charged with their protection. The highest ranking members of these groups answer directly to Akatosh himself and act as leaders to the orders. Just like their Dragon Priest counter parts from the Merethic Era, they are granted gifts and immense powers from the Dragon God of Time: powerfully enchanted masks, immortality and the Soul of a Dragon. They are called Dragon Sages

Battle tactics and skills:

      The Dragon Sage  has the soul of a Dragon, and is able to project his voice into powerful Thu'ums in order to call for the aid of allies, breathe fire, unleash the full power of their dragon soul and even tame dragons. Being the champion of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time, he is able to use the Thu'um to bend time, enabling him to move and strike at blinding speed. The Dragon Sage is a battle-mage at its core with high survivability and defenses. He uses fire spells for long-range attacks and can easily close the gap between him and his opponent with his shield charge. Once in mellee range he can cast a flame cloak and either take a defensive stance using his shield and sword, or go on the offense with his dual-wielding sword abilities. Whenever he is near death, he can rely on his mastery of restoration and quicly get back on his feet.


Block: Akatosh stands for endurance and invincibility, therefore Block is one of the most important skills. Elemental Protection is of great use when fighting Dragon Priests and perks like Qucik Reflexes, Power Bash, Disarming Bash are great against their Draugr Minions. Also, bashing  dragons while breathing fire or ice is a great way to interrupt them.

One-Handed: The Dragon Sage is a master-swordsman. He ussually sticks to the classic sword and board style but when enemies get tough, he swiches to dual-wielding two blades and calling upon the The Avatar of Akatosh

Destruction: When Martin Septim became the Avatar of Akatosh to battle Mehrunes Dagon during the Oblivion Crisis, he trasformed into an immense fiery dragon. The Dragon Sage is also able to use the element of fire from the Destruction School to either engulf himself in flames or attacking foes from long range with devastating fireballs.

Restoration: Dragon Sages are known to wear heavy armor in combination with robes. As such, they aren't completly well protected without their shield. Therefore, taking a few skills in restoration and using a few heals from time to time are a pretty good idea. One last thing to why I chose to use this school is the Avoid Death Perk. If you choose to wear the Konahriik mask, then you know it has an enchantment that heals you when near death.With this perk, your chances to remain alive in near-death situations are doubled.

Heavy Armor: Heavy Armor is taken for extra protection. That and the fact that Dragonplate Gauntlets and Dragonplate Boots look epic with Miraak's Robe.

Smithing: This skill is a must all the way up to Dragon Smithing. Since the Merethic Era, all dragon servants have been known to wear robes and armor crafted out of the very bones of their masters. Every Dragon Sage is capable of turning dragon bones into impenetrable armor. Plus, wearing a combination of robes and dragonplate armor looks so epic!

Shouts: The Dragon Sage has the soul of a dragon, a gift granted by Akatosh. Because of this, he is a Dragonborn, a Dovahkiin in the dragon language, and is able to project his voice into powerfull Thu'ums. He can breathe fire, call for the aid of allies, tame dragons, bend time to his will and unleash the full power of his dragon soul: Fire Breath , Call of Valor , Call Dragon , Dragon Aspect , Dragonrend , Slow Time , Elemental Fury , Unrelenting Force.

Other Information:

Race: Any.

Stone: The Atronach Stone / The Lord Stone.

Stats Distribution: 1 Magicka / 2 Health / 2 Stamina.

Quests and Tips: Main Quest, Dragonborn, slay all the Dragon Priests and find all the words of power.


       Ashtongue Dragonlord: Jagged Crown ( the crown stacks with Ahzidal after several save reloads ), Ahzidal, Cultist Robes, Bonemold Boots, Bonemold Gauntlets, Bonemold Shield, Blades Sword.

       Akaviri Dragoon: Nahkriin, Archmage Robes, Blades Boots, Blades Gauntlets, Blades Shield, Blades Sword.

       Dov-Ah-Kiin: Konahrik, Miraak's Robes, Dragonplate Boots, Dragonplate Gauntlets, Dragonplate Shield, Dragonbone Sword.

Special Ability: 

The Avatar of Akatosh

Requires: Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery, Elemental Fury, Flame Cloak, Dragon Aspect.

Description: The Dragon Sage becomes for a short period of time the Avatar of Akatosh, just like Martin Septim did at the end of the Oblivion Crisis. He dons the appearance of a dragon engulfed in flame torrents and the speed of his sword strikes is vastly increased. Mehrunes Dagon was defeated by this. What chance does a simple dragon priest or dragon have against it?

    Credits: thegibZy on for the awesome art:                                                              

    Closing Notes: I wish to apologize for the long wait but I did not want to update / overhaul this without the proper lore. I hope you like the new version and that the wait was worth it. Thank you all for your support!

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I realy liked this idea here with these sages. I have made my own little one, she is called Faal Dovah Drog, which means The Dovah Lord in the dragon tongue. Realy nice build, im so much gonna try this out next time i make a new character

Very original and cool idea! I really like this build. +1

Thank you :)

I could have swore I already gave my like to this. Well its liked now! Great build man.

Ning ate your like :P thank you !

Very nice build. +1 Its been something I've been leaning towards for my Dragon Priest Miraak build I've been trying to come up with for my next Nord. May give this build a try and see how it goes. Maybe I'll tweak it some along the way for Miraak's Robe Armor set.

What was your armor rating like for your Spellsword? Cause I noticed you like to wear robes and armor together like me. Which is how Miraak's Robe set is.

Did it hurt having your magic skills low at the start or did they catch fairly fast?

I don't know what armor rating i had. I always used a flesh spell before entering combat, and then spammed Slow Time to dodge. The only problem i had was against Draugr Death Overlord Archers. But this depended on my dodging skills. Lightning is incredibly powerful even in the beginning. The only problem was my magicka pool. That is why i started using a sword.

I was looking at the armor for this and dragon scale boots and gauntlets are both 12 each. Without any perks or stones, your ac would be 24. Once you cast ebony scale you would have 124 AC. I am thinking if you take the Agile defender perks this doubles giving you 248 and then if you take the Lord stone you could add another 50 points giving you 298. Not bad for 2 pieces of armor. Of course this is while wearing cloth and not the Vampire Armor.

Actually the final armor rating would be closer to 158 (Morokei+Dragonscale+Ebony Flesh). You could improve this with The Lord Stone, so 208. The good thing about this set up is it is very mobile, so you're going to rely on dodging. PS: You could improve the Morokei and the Dragonscale set up, but I don't know how much each one is increased by. So unincreased version is 208.

Oh good point. I didn't factor in Morokei mask. What about perking light armor? Agile defender. Would that double the AC?

I had a badass Idea for something like this with Konahrik that involved the Konahrik mask and full Dragon Armor, reminds me of when I played that  You get a +1 from me!

I think it would be cool if you could work this like you did The Huntress. The Dragon Sage gaining a different skill set from each mask. +1


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