Jaeger: Chapter Fifteen: Blasphemy

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    I froze. The voice replayed in my head. 'Oi, you! What're you doing there?' I dreaded turning around, imagining the Talos worshippers brandishing weapons soon to spill my blood. As the Thalmor had painted the worshippers, they were supposedly bloodthirsty savages praying to a pariah god. I reined in my fear, and turned around. Three men in auburn brown robes with golden hoods stood. They carried no weapons, and they appeared open and welcoming. It could be a deception, my mind told me. I walked over, shaking with nervousness. 'Me?' their leader nodded. 'Yes, you. What were you doing by that bush?' I rushed for an excuse, my mind racing. 'Oh, well ... ' I could find no lie that would trick the leader of the group, so I went with the first thing that came to my head. 'I was just ... tending to my dog.' Luckily, Paws understood the cue and came padding out from behind the bush. The leader looked uncertain, but didn't say anything. 'Okay, then.' I realized this was my chance, so I jumped on it. 'Excuse me?' the leader turned back around. 'Yes?' he answered plainly. I spoke up. 'I'm on patrol from Dragon Bridge.' this was a rehearsed statement the Thalmor had told me to use in case I had to infiltrate the group. 'And I'm out of supplies. You wouldn't mind if I stayed with you for the night, would you ...?' There was no way they would buy it, surely. But the leader whispered to the man next to him, and then nodded at me. 'That seems alright.' 



    The leader's name was Bjarni Yell-Speaker, and he was a former member of Markath's Temple of Talos. After Jarl Igmund and the Imperials took over, so did the White-Gold Concordat. The Temple was shut down, and Bjarni and his fellow priests were kicked out. They left, becoming travelling monks. The other two men didn't name themselves. Bjarni told me of his travels, and I found myself enjoying his company, though I did find his tales of Talos and his glory repetitive. We sat by a warm campfire, and as night fell, they showed me a sleeping roll made of deer hide and wolf furs. I found myself remembering the nights I spent back in the woodlands above Solitude before I joined the Guard. I stared at the night sky, the stars twinkling like diamonds, and then the embrace of dreams swept over me. 



    I woke up to the comforting sound of meat sizzling over a burning firepit. Bjarni sat on a log with a metal pot in his hand. I could see little flecks of oil jumping up over the dark rim of the pot. Bjarni's head whipped around toward me. 'Up, are we?' I nodded sleepily, pulling my guard's armor back on. Paws woke up a minute or so later, padding over. What's that? Smells good. I grinned. It did smell good. I was worried about what Agent Nirya had planned for the small group of monks. Still, surely their crime must have been great, otherwise I would not be here? I sat down on the log, and Bjarni handed me a slab of meat. I thanked him, and then gobbled it up. It was delicious. I grinned, and thanked Bjarni once more, congratulating him on the excellent meal. He smiled slyly. 'Picked it up working for Hadring at the Nightgate Inn back when I was a lad.' I laughed. 'If all of their cooking is this good, I'll have to pay Hadring a visit!' The other two men were now getting out of their beds, and they strode sleepily over toward us, dazed expressions on their faces as they breathed in the intoxicating smell of the meat. A sharp whishing sound sliced the relatively quiet morning. Suddenly, both of the two men's eyes rolled back in their heads, and they fell to the ground. Two golden arrows stuck out of their backs. 



    The golden armored Thalmor came flying out of the bushes, their lightweight interlinked armor glinting in the sunlight. They carried golden bows shaped like eagles, and golden arrows stuck out of a delicately made quiver. The elves moved elegantly, yet quickly, and in the time of three seconds, an elven knife was pressed hard against Bjarni's neck. I felt a violent, sick feeling in my stomach. This was my fault. I turned my head, and Agent Nirya strode towards us. His dark robes whipped in the wind, and his hands crackled with a blue energy. He smiled at me, but there was no warmth in it. 'You have done well, Wulf. Far better than we expected. You will be rewarded.' I didn't want to be rewarded. What justice was this? Bjarni's skin was as pale as the snow under our feet. Sweat ran down his face as he turned to me, a look of utter hate in his eyes. 'You. This is all on you!' He screamed the last part. I felt worse than ever before in my life. Bjarni's eyes filled with a blind hate. Agent Nirya nodded at Bjarni's captor, and a quick flick of the wrist resulted in a light trickle of red down Bjarni's neck. Then the life left his eyes, and he slumped forwards. 



    'He was a blasphemer. That is punishable by death.' Agent Nirya said coldly. I refused to believe that the law allowed for the murder of innocent civilians. People should be free to worship their own Gods, not be dictated by someone else. Nirya simply shrugged. 'You were invaluable on this mission, and we will make sure you are rewarded.' Suddenly, my anger took over, and in my barely contained rage, I spat at the feet of the absurdly tall elf. He recoiled, and his face turned cruel. 'You would spit on the feet of your Master?' I sneered in contempt. 'You are no master of mine. Don't bother to reward me. I won't be here much longer, anyway.' I had made up my mind, and my mind fumed with rage. Fueled by my hate, I made my way back to Solitude.


    Your's truly, Wulf


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  • Paws
    Paws   ·  August 6
    Yell-Speaker. Helluvah name! 
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 31
    i certainly didn't see that coming. And breakfast was going so well....
    Well nothing like a early morning slaughter to whet the appetite. Now he's seen the Thalmor through different eyes I wonder what he will do. 
    • Wulfhedinn
      i certainly didn't see that coming. And breakfast was going so well....
      Well nothing like a early morning slaughter to whet the appetite. Now he's seen the Thalmor through different eyes I wonder what he will do. 
        ·  July 31
      let's just say he's about to become close friends with Ulfric....