Jaeger: Chapter Fourteen: Agent Nirya

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    I stood staring at the piece of paper in Aldis' hands. 'I'm in.' I said, my heart rapidly beating with excitement. Aldis grinned. 'Looks like someone thinks you're special, Wulf. Hopefully the mission goes off without a hitch.' I nodded, agreeing. I shook Aldis' hand, thanking him for delivering the message. 
    'When do you reckon I should head down to the Docks?' Aldis shrugged. 'Sounds pretty urgent, you ask me.' I groaned. 'Yes, I know it sounds urgent, but do you think I should head down there now?' Aldis scratched his stubbly growth of hair on his chin. 'Yeah, I guess. Wouldn't hurt to be early.' 
    I nodded, and sliding my sword into it's sheath, checking my quiver was stocked with short, stocky wooden bolts, I headed down towards the Docks. 



    Sounds fun. A mission. Ooh, how interesting! Paws barked, mentally flooding me with nonsense. 'Oh, shut up.' I told my oversized dog. We strode down the cobblestone path that winded down towards the Docks. The air smelled vaguely of fish, and I knew the stench would only grow the closer I got. As I strode down the wooden stairs that led out onto the walkways, I noticed various lumps of freshly coiled rope. Most likely for mooring ships. I walked on the walkways, feeling the salty wood creak under my ironclad bootsteps. I looked around for a few minutes, searching for the Troop that had been indicated on the letter. Paws barked. Hey. You don't think our guys are those milkdrinkers in the fancy black robes, do you? I tried to find who he was talking about, and my eyes settled on three men. They were abnormally tall, and they had a strange golden skin, like dwarven metal. Their robes, as Paws had mentioned, were made of black silk with golden lines and insignias emblazoned all over them. Long, dark hoods shadowed their eyes and the upper half of their faces. They carried no weapons, but their hands glowed with an eerie light, and I swore I could see little sparks crackling between the tallest's fingertips. I walked over, making sure Paws didn't make any more stupid comments. As I walked closer, the tallest one - most likely the leader - spoke. He had piercing golden eyes, and remarkably similar golden hair that flowed past his abnormally pointed ears. I corrected my earlier mistake. They weren't men. They were Mer. The leader spoke up. 'You are Wulf-Blöd, I presume?' I nodded, and the leader stared in disgust at Paws. 'What is this ... foul beast you have with you?' I growled. 'That's my friend, so don't say that. Or I'll leave.' My opinion of these elves had rapidly diminished. The leader seemed to relent. 'Fair enough. Now, if you will come with us, we will tell you of your mission.' I had no other choice but to follow them, so I did. 



    The Elves stood in a small room inside the East Empire Trading Company's Offices. They had simply walked in, and the clerk had let them right through. The leader stood bent over a table. A map was stuck to the table by an dagger crafted of simple iron. The leader spoke up, his sharp voice cutting through the silence. 'Wulf-Blöd of the Solitude Guard, do you swear yourself to secrecy?' I nodded. 'I do swear myself to secrecy.' The leader nodded. 'My name is Agent Nirya, and I am an Officer of the highly esteemed Thalmor. My Superior, Elenwen, has recieved word that a group of Talos Worshippers have been spotted in the woods near Solitude. It is our duty to the Aldmeri Dominion, The Empire, and the White-Gold Concordat, that we destroy these filthy blasphemers. Your job is to scout the area, and if you find them, report back in. Do not interact with the criminals. Leave that to us.' Agent Nirya smiled slyly. I likened him to a fox. 'That sounds alright. When do we leave for the woods, then? I'm ready when you are.'  


    In a Small Campsite in the Woods of Haafingar


    I sat on a small wooden chair fashioned out of twigs. The Thalmor stood, conversing and whispering just out of my earshot. The arrogant, self-assured elves were riding on my nerves, but I decided to hold out for a while. I tried to raise conversation with Paws, whispering: 'What'd you think of these elves, huh?' Paws whined. If you ask me, they're dirty liars who'd shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. I grinned. 'I wouldn't put it past them. But, for the Glory of the Empire, I guess ... ' I shrugged, waiting for night to fall, so I could begin my scouting for the Talos Worshippers. We had agreed on nightfall purely because it would be harder to spot me, per se. I waited for another five or so minutes, until Agent Nirya walked over, a scowl on his immaculate golden face. 'It's time.'



    I crouched behind a bush, my head peeking out over the green shrubbery that covered the thin branches of the bush. I surveyed a small clearing - one that had been turned into a temporary settlement. Fur tents were erected around the place, and a firepit lay in the middle. Men wearing dark orange robes with burnt yellow hoods strode around, occassionally kneeling to pray at a hammer-shaped object that appeared to be a shrine, most likely to Talos. I could see no weapons, so they were clearly a peaceful band of travelling monks. From afar, they all appeared to be Nords, but one had a slightly darker skin so he could have been a Redguard. I was about to creep back towards our encampment to alert Nirya when a voice whipcracked through the silence. 


    'Oi, you! What are you doing here?'


    Your's truly, Wulf



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