Jaeger: Chapter Thirteen; Questions

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    I turned around as I heard the man clad in black speak. Paws growled menacingly. He wore long, flowing black robes that touched the ground, and dark gauntlets and boots of hide that were dyed a dark shadowy colour. A sword emblazoned with wolf motifs and an eerie white glow hung from his waist, sheathed in a dark leather guard. He had dark rings under his eyes, and long, scraggly black hair that whipped in the wind. A cruel smile graced his face. 'My name is Fenrir Bloodmaw, and I am a Hound of Hircine.' He stated, his voice gravelly and sharp, like a rusty sword. He sneered as he spoke. 'I have come for you, Wulf-Blöd, Champion of Hircine.' I shook my head, disagreeing with his statement. 'I'm no Champion, friend. You have the wrong man.' Fenrir shook his head in contempt. 'I do not think I do, Champion.' Aela got up, her face a mask of disgust. 'Lord Hircine told me nothing of you, Hound! You speak lies!' Fenrir, once more, shook his head. 'No, I do not think I do.' Aela drew her bow, and nocked an arrow, drawing the string back and aiming the projectile right between Fenrir's eyes. He didn't show any sign of emotion, only a tired sigh. She spat at the dark-clothed man. He ignored her. 'Prove your identity, Liar.' She hissed between closed teeth. Fenrir grinned maliciously. He raised a hand - only it didn't look like a hand - it was blanketed with thick dark hair, and claws sprang forth from the end of his fingertips where nails should be. He smiled. A blur of movement. In the blink of an eye, Aela's bow lay strewn on the ground, sliced in half. Fenrir's hand returned to normal, the nails regressing as the hair wilted away. Aela gasped. 'You ... you really are one of his Hounds.' He nodded. 'I am. You are too, aren't you?' She also nodded. It was Tovasi's turn to butt in, now. 

    'What the hell is going on here?'



    Tovasi had stood up while we had been arguing, and him and Jorge stood, arms-crossed, looking completely surprised by the coming of Fenrir. He pointed at the black-clad man. 'Who are you again? What are these "Hounds" you keep referring to? Why'd your hand go all hairy? We've already had Wulf''s crazy redhead friend telling us all about Werewolves and Hircine and Skaal and Bloodmoons! Please, for the sake of my sanity, explain these things!' Fenrir seemed taken aback by the sudden outburst from the long-haired Dunmer mage. Fenrir shrugged nonchalantly. 'My name - as I said earlier - is Fenrir Bloodmaw. I'm a Hound of Hircine, one of his Chosen. The Hounds possess the ability to partially transform into Wolves - hence my hand. Wulf, as I'm sure your redhead friend already explained, is Hircine's Champion in the coming Bloodmoon War.' this prompted a shocked look from Aela. Tovasi seemed to have no idea what Fenrir mentioned, and Jorge just looked like he didn't care. Paws barked. I listened. Aela spoke first. 'I've heard nothing of a Bloodmoon War.' Fenrir agreed. 'You wouldn't have. He's only told me, as well as his Lone Hunter. The Bloodmoon will be different this era. It won't be a Hunt. It will be a War.' Aela spoke now. 'A war, yes. With another Prince, if I'm not mistaken?' Fenrir nodded. 'The Bloodmoon War will be one of Rivalry. One of Night. Lord Hircine spoke to me last night, and he said that it won't be a simple conflict. He still won't mention who it will be a fight against, however. He says his Lone Hunter will be the first to know.' Aela nodded, as if she understood. I spoke up. 'Who is this Lone Hunter, then?' Fenrir seemed it strange that I hadn't heard of him before. 'The Lone Hunter is Hircine's Lieutenant, his second-in-command. Currently, the Lone Hunter is a Nord, but that's all we know. Hircine says we'll know more when the time is right.' I shook my head in disbelief. How complicated this had all turned in such little time. 



    Aela walked us back to her home, just outside the city's walls, in a relatively small wooden cabin set near Katla's Farm, just a bit higher up the cliff-face. It was fairly small, but seemed roomy enough for the five of us, as well as Paws. A small outside porch was set with slabs of meat that cooked in the sunlight. Aela pulled up some chairs to a small wooden table, and we sat down.  Fenrir spoke first, his gravelly voice slicing through the afternoon song of the birds. 'I need to know. When Lord Hircine calls, who will be with me when we lead the Bloodmoon War?' I considered it, but before I even answered, Aela spoke. 'I owe my power to Lord Hircine, so I will follow you. Wulf?' She turned to me, and my heart took over. 'I'll go, too.' Tovasi whispered something to Jorge that was most likely, 'They're absolutely crazy' and Jorge shook his head, a sharp look on his heavily bearded face. Tovasi smiled unsteadily. 'I'll come, then. But ... I'm not a Werewolf. I'm not sure whether that's a qualification or - ' Fenrir interrupted him. 'You don't need the Beastblood, but I could happily bestow it upon you ...?' Tovasi shook his head quickly. 'No, no, no. At least, not yet. But I'm with you.' Jorge seemed uneasy, and then he abruptly stood up, sending his chair flying out from behind him. 'I'm done. You're all crazy. Crazy.' With a scowl on his face, Jorge walked away from the cabin. 



    I was staying with Aela in her little cabin, while Tovasi peppered Fenris with questions as they walked back into Solitude. Aela sat across from me, and I felt my heart unexplainably beating wildly in my chest. 'Wulf, who are you?' I was taken aback by the sudden question. I smiled uncertaintly. 'Well, I'm me ...?' I got the feeling that wasn't the explanation she wanted. I continued. 'My name, as you know, is Wulf-Blöd. I was raised by my father, Vargr Stronghammer, a member of Ulfric's Elite. We lived in the Pale, in a small house on the border of Eastmarch. My father taught me in the ways of the blade, hammer, and axe, but he found me most skillful in the art of the bow. I trained for years, fighting outside as the snow pelted down on the two of us. Father didn't speak much of mother, only that she was a Khajiiti. I grew up following the traditional ways of the Nords, and it was my dream to join Ulfric Stormcloak in his rightful conquest of Skyrim. We deserved to be free, didn't we?' Aela nodded, a smile on her face that warmed me to the core. 'When I was twelve, however, I came downstairs in the middle of the night for comfort from my father - I had experience a night terror, you see, and I was terrified. Only - father wasn't in his bed. A great black beast stood in the hall, it's features like a wolf. It saw me, and bolted out the open door. I found out the following morning it was my father. He told me of his great curse. His Lycanthropy. And then he told me of his greatest burden. It turns out, I was one too. Father explained it wouldn't probably develop until adulthood. I grew up terrified of my inner beast, trying to tame it. Our house became cold, and it felt empty. I didn't sleep well. When I turned eighteen, I walked into father's room, but he wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere. He had left, and in my anger, I howled. That night, I ran far, far away. Away from our house. Away from my dreams. Away from the Stormcloaks. Away from father. Away from my past. I ran to Haafingar, and that's where I've been living ever since. I met Paws in the wilds, as well. Then a fire burnt down my camp, and I was forced to leave. I made my way to Solitude. Out of spite at my father and his Stormcloak ideals, I joined the Imperials to aggravate his memory, but I found myself at home there. Then I was called to Dragon Bridge to combat the Stormcloaks. We held them back, and I returned to Solitude. Then, as you know, I met you. Later that night, was the first time I'd transformed in months. After that, you know everything. Did that suffice for you, Aela?' She smiled. 

    Later that Day, Back in Solitude, In the Training Yard

    Aldis stood before me, a sheet of paper in his hand. He began to speak loudly, as if he had a rehearsed speech coming. 'Wulf-Blöd of the Solitude Guard, Your Jarl and Empire call upon you! You have been highly recommended for a mission of incredible danger. It will require precision, careful planning, and the highest of skills. It is our hope that you will answer. If you do, meet your troop at the Docks. You'll know them when you see them. For the Glory of the Empire!' Aldis grinned. 'How'd that sound? It just got sent by a courier 'bout an hour ago. Apparently, you've got another big mission coming up soon. You in?' I nodded eagerly. I'd love something to distract me from the overload of information, courtesy of Fenrir Bloodmaw. 

    'I'm in.'


    Your's truly, Wulf


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