Jaeger: Chapter Twelve: Revelations

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle 
    Such is the way of a Jaeger.


    I had dreamt of the curse with which he was inflicted with. He dreamt of the Lycanthropy. But above all, he dreamt of the moon. He remembered, vaguely, escaping Solitude in the dark of the night after he had shifted, escaping into the wilds. He remembered the hunger, the bloodthirst, the Hunt. For six hours he waited and controlled the unquenchable need to Hunt, and when the dawn arrived, he made his way back to Solitude. When he got back, he instantly fell into his bed, sleeping for two hours until Aldis woke him up, a rare occurence. Usually he was an early riser, but Lycanthropy inflicted a toll on the bearer. After getting out of bed, I strode up the stairs that led into the dining quarter, Aldis and Paws right behind me. We ascended to the messhall, where I went to my usual table - Tovasi and Jorge were already there, eating simple breakfasts of bread, butter, and meat. I sat down, and I could tell by the way that they looked at me something must have been wrong. Tovasi spoke up first, a worried look on his face. 'You look tired, Wulf,' I felt tired, so it would only make sense I looked the part, 'Did you get any sleep last night?' I shook my head. 'I couldn't get to sleep,' which was true, 'I kept tossing and turning all night, but nothing.' Tovasi still looked concerned. 'Bjarni says he heard howling last night, Wulf.' I must have paled, because Tovasi seemed to understand what I hadn't told him. I grinned shakily. 'I have no idea what he's talking about. You know Bjarni is usually too drunk to even speak. You can't believe him.' Jorge nodded, acknowledging. Tovasi shook his head. 'That's true. The thing is, Wulf - I heard them too. You have some things to explain, now.' I felt shocked at first. How could they have known? I soon answered my own question. Howling is loud - of course they heard. I tried to explain. 'Nothing happened. It was probably just a wolf.' Jorge butted in, grinning. 'A werewolf, most likely.' I growled angrily, but I couldn't argue. I had never hated my curse more. 'Fine, then. Come with me, and we'll talk more.' 



    We strode into the marketplace, where Aela stood at her stall. Tovasi whispered to me, 'Why are we coming to that redhead? You may be head-over-heels for her, but that doesn't mean we want to talk to her!' I frowned. 'I'm not "Head-over-heels" for her, Tovasi. Quit being a fool. She'll help explain. Maybe.' 
    We walked over, and Aela greeted us with a simple 'Hey.' I turned to Aela. 'Aela, I've come to you for advice.' She interrupted me, grinning. 'Yes, I heard howling last night. It was you, then?' I reluctantly nodded. She continued grinning. 'Well, no-one's lying dead, so you did well enough controlling the beast, then, didn't you?' I felt myself blushing from her praise, before she continued, turning to Tovasi and Jorge, 'There is no simple way to control the beast - I would know this, for I am one.' This released gasps from both Tovasi and Jorge, who were about to interrupt her when, again, she abruptly continued, 'For your friend to control his Lycanthropy proves him an incredibly strong person. He will prove an invaluable ally, when you need him. Wulf is far stronger than any other Hound I've seen for quite some time. However, If you wish to know more on the topic of Werewolves, I will speak to you now on the subject. But only if you are willing.' Tovasi whispered something to Jorge, and after a minute or so, they both nodded. 'Tell us, then.' 



    We sat in a secluded little spot in the grass near the Bard's College, resting on the slightly damp grass from yesterday's rainfall. Jorge sat next to me, and Tovasi on the other side. Aela sat in front of us. Tovasi still looked uncertain. Paws sat curled up next to Aela, who he seemed to have developed an affection for. Aela began to speak. 'The Curse, or Gift, of Lycanthropy is a blessing from the Daedric Lord Hircine. It is said he first created Lycanthropy as a Gift for Men, so that they could Hunt with an incredible prowess. Others would say the same, except they would call it a Curse. It is both. The most famous tales of Lycanthropy are of the Werewolves, Men, Mer, and Beastfolk,' she motioned to me, 'Who can transform themselves into wolf-like beasts, gaining supernatural abilities and strength. Most Werewolves have little control, unlike your friend, Wulf. Werewolves are generally solitary creatures, though some do form packs. It is rumoured there is a pack living on the island of Solsthiem, up north, on the coast of Morrowind. Solstheim is also the location of Hircine's Great Hunt, the Bloodmoon. A Bloodmoon is a prophecy told by the ancient Skaal people of Solstheim, Nords who live secluded from the outside. It tells of a Great Hunt, in which Hircine sends Werewolves to ravage the Skaal people. The Bloodmoon is heralded by four things: The Coming of The Hounds; Werewolves begin to roam the island. The Frozen Flame; Fire springs to life on the surface of the frozen Lake Fjalding. The Tide of Woe; Horkers wash up dead on the shores of Solstheim. Finally, The Moon of Blood; Secunda turns as red as blood, and Masser dissapears completely. Now, the Great Hunt starts. The last Bloodmoon was in the third era, and the only one where Hircine himself was defeated, by a Dunmer known only as the Nerevarine. There is still a Bloodmoon to come, this era.' Tovasi looked as if he couldn't fit any more information inside of himself. Jorge looked bored. I motioned for Aela to continue, and she did. 'My name, as Wulf may have told you, is Aela. I used to be a Companion.' Jorge awoke from his self-slumber with a gasp. 'Yes, me. There is a secret I wish to share, so keep your mouths quiet of it. The Circle, or the Leaders of the Companions, are all Werewolves. Or we were, until the Dragonborn came and cured us. Most of us. I didn't wish to be purified, so I ran, and became a hunter. As I said to Wulf, for three days and three nights, I prayed to Hircine to tell me what came next. He told me to seek out a great champion, one with the power to control his Lycanthropy. It is said that this champion will defend Hircine in the next Bloodmoon, which Lord Hircine says will be coming sooner than we ever expected. He says that this Champion will lead a Pack of Hounds against the darkness of one of his fellow Daedric Lords, and there will be a great battle. He doesn't say which Lord, though. I believe this Champion is Wulf-Blöd. This is all I know, I am afraid. Hopefully you are content with my knowledge.' Aela finished by smiling. Tovasi looked as if he had a hundred and one questions, but he only asked one. 'Oh, so that's why Wulf's been spending so much time around you!'


    Classic Tovasi.




    In the Streets of Solitude

    A man wearing a dark fur cuirass, gauntlets made of dyed hide, boots of  bristleback leather, and a greatsword detailed with wolf motifs hanging in a sheath made from blackened leather and dark steel walked through the cobbled streets of Solitude. He had dark splotchy rings around his eyes, and long, unkempt black hair that fell to his shoulders. Knives were slotted into pouches on his boots, and he carried himself with an air of superiority. He strode past the citizens, who walked in a wide berth of him, their faces showing uncertainty and traces of fear. The man walked towards the marketplace, and when he arrived there, he was annoyed that the woman was no longer at his stall. Growling with distaste, he sniffed the air. A new trail lit up, and the man followed the smell. He walked through a small stone arch that led out to a garden-like area. A cobbled path led down towards a large palace with blue-as-sapphire roofing. The man looked in front of him, and he saw a Nord with long blonde hair dressed in iron armor, wearing a red sash. Next to him sat a Khajiit with white-gray fur in the same iron armor and red sash, and next to him sat a Dunmer with similar dark hair that hung down to his shoulders. In front of them sat a Nord woman in fur robes. She had shoulder length red hair, and blue markings on her face. The man smelt the air again, and detected that two of the people in front of him possessed Beastblood. The man strode over to the Khajiit, and spoke sharply with a harsh, gravelly voice. 


    'Wulf-Blöd. I would have words with you.'


    Your's truly, Wulf





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