Jaeger: Chapter Eleven; Howling In The Night

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    I stood in the courtyard, feeling the warm morning sun bathe my fur with a relaxing heat. My crossbow lay gripped in my hand, and I raised it towards the target. Grabbing a bolt out of the quiver, I slotted it into the barrel, and aimed at the wooden oval that made up the target. I released the trigger, and the crossbow slammed forwards, sending the bolt streaming through the air, where it landed with an insanely satisfying thud against the wooden target.I could see the wood had splintered where the bolt had hit. I grinned happily, before mentally commanding Paws to run over and fetch the bolt. The large wolfhound bounded over, tearing the bolt free from the target, and strode back over, dropping the bolt at my feet. I thanked him, and then ruffled his neck. I reached inside my pouch, and grabbed out a slice of deer-meat, which I hastily fed Paws with. Mmm, yes. I deserved that. I laughed and continued practicing with the crossbow. Around twenty minutes later, the doors opened outwards, and various guards streamed forth. I noticed Tovasi, as well as Jorge heading out. Jorge walked over towards me, and Tovasi scaled the stairs that led towards the Arcanery, a small area where the Imperial Battlemages, alongside Tovasi and other aspiring mages, practiced spellcasting. I could hear the sound of pyromancy and various other destructive spells soon filling the air as Tovasi began training. Jorge turned to me. 'Hey. You know what you should do?' I expressed my confusion. 'What?' Jorge shrugged, grinning wickedly. 
    'Well, you remember at the market yesterday...' I could see where this was going and groaned, 'You should go see that redhead!' I shook my head. 
    'Seriously, Jorge. I'm not into her, I don't like her, and she doesn't like me either. I think.' Lying didn't feel good, but I couldn't tell him the real reason I didn't want to see her - I was shaken up over what she had said the day before - 'A good pack cares for every wolf, after all.' - it had left shivers down my back that I couldn't explain. It of course didn't help that she was beautiful. But I couldn't tell Jorge I thought that either, or I'd never hear the end of it. I shooed Jorge away, and when he had left, I secretly made my way towards the streets below. 



    I slowly found myself walking through the streets of Solitude at midday. People bustled around the busy walkways, going about their daily business. Despite my nerves, I found myself heading towards the marketplace. I had grown restless, and I had found myself taking the booth that the redhead owned. Paws strolled alongside me, knowing something was on my mind. Can you get me some meat while we're there? I smiled. 'Yes, we can.' I walked into the circular market, and headed over to he wooden booth that the redhead ran. She stood, dressed in the same fur as yesterday. Dark rings ran under her eyes. I strode over, and slammed some coins down on the table. 'Elk meat?' She nodded, and pulled the same sly smile as yesterday. 'Of course. Anything for a fellow hound.' I grimaced. 'Okay, woman. Enough riddles. What is this hound business of yours? It's agitating me.' She shrugged, her hair blowing in the cool breeze. 'You haven't figured it out yet?' I growled. 'What is this that you speak of! Answer me now!' I could feel my anger growing out of control. Paws barked loudly, attracting various people's gaze. The woman smiled kindly, but her eyes glowed with a hunger I'd seen before only once. The same glow my father had in his eyes before he shifted. A revelation fell over me, and the woman seemed to realise it, because she smiled even more. 'You're a werewolf, aren't you?'



    The redhead nodded, and reached out to touch my hand. 'We are one and the same, Wulf-Blöd. You must understand this.' Shock ran through me as I realised she knew my name. 'How do you know my name? How are you a werewolf? Answer me!' Paws growled sharply, but the redhead didn't pale, or even back down. She didn't even seem to care. She just waved a hand, and Paws began scratching behind his ear, completely unaware. 'I'll answer all of your questions in due time. My Lord Hircine has told me of you, Wulf. He has said you will be his saviour in a coming war - one against the darkness of his fellow Daedra. He didn't mention which one, though. Only you would be his Champion. As for your last question, I am - was a Companion. We were a group of warriors-for-hire, as well as Werewolves. But then the Dragonborn cured the rest of my fellow warriors of their Lycanthropy. I resisted him, and ran. I spent three days and three nights praying to Hircine, until on the fourth morning, he came to me. He told me a great warrior would be waiting for me in Solitude. So I came, and I've been waiting ever since. Two years it's been. Two years. And now here you are.' My heart pounded in my chest. No, she was lying. And yet ... I could feel a sense of truth from the gorgeous woman. She smiled. I looked uncertain. 'How do you know I am this great warrior?' the redhead shrugged, and simply grinned. 'Let's just call it instinct.' I still didn't believe the woman, and I was about to speak up, when she interrupted me. 'I understand your disbelief. I could be lying. I don't know how you'll trust me, but I promise you one thing. If you need me, I will be by your side throughout rain, hail, or snow. And in Skyrim, those three things are extremely common.' I smiled softly, my heart beating faster than ever. 'I don't even know your name, though.' The woman laughed. 
    'It's Aela.'



    When I got back to the courtyard far later that night, no one was to be found. The night had fallen, shrouding the court in a hazy darkness. I slowly walked over to a dummy stuffed with straw. I drew my sword, and began battering the target. Despite it being nightfall, my advanced eyes easily sliced through the blackness. I hadn't got any training that day - I had been too caught up with the revelation from that woman, Aela. I sliced through the air, jabbing the sword through the straw chest of the practice dummy. Withdrawing it, I overhead-sliced, cleaving straight through the makeshift helmet that was a shoddy iron bucket. The two halves fell to the ground, clattering as it fell to the ground. I felt a surge of strength through my arms, and I sliced right through the dummy. Straw blew out as the disembowled practice dummy fell to the cobbles. I could feel a savage anger deep inside of me.  As my anger took over, my vision became ringed with crimson. I looked up towards the sky, and hanging in the darkness, lay the full moon. I stared at it, longingly. 

    And then I howled.


    Later That Night, In Haafingar Hold

    The great black beast heard the piercing howl, and stood to smell the musty air of the swamps. It sniffed at the air, and after finding itself satisfied with it's findings, located the origin of the howl.  Solitude. The beast sprinted on all fours, crossing across the dank water and sickly leaves that formed the Haafingarian Swampland. The great black beast paced through the swampland, before coming to a clearing that overlooked the Docks. The beast surveyed them, before jumping into the water. The beast was not a natural swimmer, but it still crossed the stretch of water fairly quickly. The beast climbed across the docks, before clambering up the wooden stairs. It ran through the first gate, and ran like the wind. The beast came to a stop in front of a large set of wooden doors set with iron. The great beast smiled. It had found it's target.

    Your's truly, Wulf






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    Sotek   ·  July 26
    Nice chapter and with a sense of destiny about it too.