Jaeger: Chapter Ten; By The Nine!

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    Two Days after the Dragon Bridge Skirmish
    Wulf and his companions have travelled for two long days, and have finally arrived back in Solitude, on their way to Aldis.


    I slowly walked through the stone-walled streets that made up the majority of Solitude. Tovasi - constantly commenting on everything we saw - walked beside me, and Jorge walked behind, deep in a conversation with Henrik. The other two guards - Bjarni and Hewjod - walked at the back. I didn't know them too well. Paws trotted alongside me, occasionally whining when he smelt food or some other thing that caught his attention. We were headed towards the Castle Dour to report back to Aldis, but Tovasi complained that he was hungry, so Jorge suggested we visit the marketplace - perhaps we could find some food there? - I nodded in agreement, and I could feel my stomach agreeing with me. After a few more minutes of peaceful strolling, we arrived in a large market-type area, with hastily erected wooden stalls hapharzardly scattered throughout the area. Paws barked. I can already smell the meat. Buy me some. Lots. Yes, lots. I grinned. I mentally told him I'd buy him some raw meat, and he could eat it on the way back. He barked, but I thought I detected traces of happiness in the loud noise. Jorge bumped my shoulder, pointing towards a stall slathered with large slabs of meat, as well as pelts from various animals. A fetching redhead stood at the stall, clad in clothes made of various furs. A bow was slung over her shoulder, and streaks of blue paint ran down her face. I felt my heart racing. 
    'That should do - meat for Paws, some for you and me, maybe she'll have some arrows to restock your quiver?' I nodded, and we made our way over to the little stall.



    The redhead greeted us gruffly with a sharp 'Morning.' Her crimson hair cascaded over her shoulders, and she had auburn eyes that went amazingly with her hair. Jorge ordered three slices of elk, to which the woman promptly lifted a large slab of meat, and grabbed a sharp, jagged knife of the table. She then proceeded to tear the meat open with the blade, and after a minute, she handed the three slices to Jorge. He passed one down to Paws, who whined appreciatevely. I smiled at the woman. 'You wouldn't happen to have any crossbow bolts, would you? I'm running low. Failing that, any arrows would be lovely,' I pointed to the bow on her back, 'It seems you're an archer yourself?' The woman nodded and smiled, before bending down and reaching for a small sack of thin objects. She handed them to me. 'These are the last of my bolts - probably sixty or seventy, give or take? Either way, they're yours.' I thanked her, and reached into my pocket for some septims. She shook the money away, smiling sweetly. 'No, no. It's fine. I know what you are, you see? I feel the power running through your blood, friend. We're one and the same, you and I. I wouldn't charge you. A good pack cares for every wolf, after all.' I thanked her, and walked away, sliding the bolts into my quiver. I didn't want to admit it, but what she had said had shaken me to the core, and shivers ran up and down my spine like snow on a Loredas morning. I walked away, a sinister feeling in my head. 



    We arrived in the courtyard an hour after the market. Aldis stood in full armor, his long black hair falling across his face. He walked over to us, his face split into a huge grin. 'By The Nine! You've done it!' I nodded sorely. Aldis grinned even more - I was worried his face would actually split down the middle - and he thanked us all, as well as uttering various prayers to the Divines. Aldis composed himself, and spoke in a loud voice, catching the attention of everyone training in the courtyard. Bows were dropped, and swords clanged to the ground. Aldis boomed, 'These seven men have risked their lives in the name of the Empire! They have held back the filthy mutts that are the Stormcloaks, and in doing so, secured the township of Dragon Bridge! The Jarl herself has given her thanks, and wishes everyone to be notified that these seven men are now all promoted to Watchkeepers! Now, a round of applause for them!' The courtyard erupted into noise, and cheering and shouting echoed throughout the training yard. I turned to Tovasi, who smiled broadly. 'D'ya hear that, Wulf? We're Watchkeepers now! I've always wanted to boss people around and get paid for it!' 



    I slept soundly that night, waking up in the morning with a dreadful hunger. I climbed the stairs slowly, Paws following me as we ascended the stone flights. I stepped into the mess hall, which was filled with men and women dressed in the armor of the Guard. I spotted Jorge at our usual table in the corner, and Tovasi sat next to him. Both of them were laughing over something, but I wasn't in earhsot so I didn't understand. I stode over, sitting down opposite the two. Paws curled up at my feet. Hungry. I shushed Paws, resulting in a sad whine. Reluctant, I handed him a slice of cooked elk, which he wolfed down. Tovasi grinned at me, before laughing once more. Jorge grinned as well, and I began to get annoyed. 'Oi, you two. What's so funny?' Jorge got ahold of himself, and answered. 'You are! You should have seen yourself at the market yesterday. That redhead really had you, didn't she? I can't even see your cheeks, and I can tell you were blushing!' It's true, you know. I smiled sheepishly, acknowledging both comments.'Well, come on, that's hardly fair!' I complained. Tovasi shook his head. 'No, we're your friends. It's completely fair!' The two laughed even harder, and suddenly, a torrent of ale shot out of Jorge's nostril. He looked down in disbelief, before trudging off to go and get it cleaned off of his sash. I sneered at him, but he didn't see it. Shame. Tovasi continued snickering, and I growled quietly, and walked off to the training yard. 


    Later that Night, Somewhere in the Forests of Haafingar.

    A great black beast ran through the forest, it's shaggy hair flying through the wind. It's glaring yellow eyes shone in the darkness, and it's teeth shone like polished daggers. It continued to run at an inhuman pace, nearing a clearing in the forest. The beast slowly, and carefully, walked onto a large rocky outcrop that overlooked a great city below. A strange fur blanket lay strewn on the rock, as well as a few scraps of deer meat. The creature knelt down, sniffing the meat, as well as the furs. Whence it was done, the great beast turned towards the city. It was set in a natural arch, over a large river. Gleaming blue rooftops shone in the distance. The great beast looked upwards, towards the night sky. A great white moon hung in the sky, in a perfect circle. The great beast seemed to smile, and then it howled, a harsh piercing sound that shattered the silence of the night sky. When the great beast had finished, it slowly turned away, and began sprinting down a rocky path that led to the city. 


    Your's truly, Wulf


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    Ok, who the howl in the Hunting Grounds is the black beast?