Jaeger: Chapter Eight; Raid, Part Two of Three

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    Strong as the Bear
    Swift as the Stag
    Silent as the Wolf
    True as the Eagle
    Such is the way of a Jaeger


    Breakfast was simple bread lathered with butter, and a slab of meat on a small wooden plate. A tankard of mead was placed next to my table, and the brown liquid sloshed around in the harsh metal cup. I turned to Jorge, who sat beside me. His unkempt blonde hair fell down his shoulders like a hood. 
    'Jorge. Psst, Jorge.' I whispered, hissing at him to gather his attention. He looked at me, grinning happily like a fool.
    'Yeah, Wulf? What was it you wanted? I was busy!' I jokingly sneered at the big Nord, prompting a confused smile from him.
    'What's the plan for today? Verulus wasn't here in the morning, and so far, I haven't seen him in the tavern. Neither has the barkeep, Faida.' I finished. 
    Jorge scratched his beard, deep in thought. His eyes opened suddenly, and then he looked at me. 'He said he's gone to talk to some of the guards around here.' 
    I nodded, understanding. It made sense for him to do that. I picked at the bread, which was fairly nice tasting, but the meat was too salty for my liking. I took a swig of mead, washing down the bread. I got up, prompting a quiet bark from Paws, who lay sprawled out tiredly on the wooden floorboards next to my seat. 
    I gave Jorge a pat on the back, and he turned around, grinning quietly. 'Where're you going, Wulf?' I grinned back at him. Suddenly, I felt Paws in my head.
    I don't think I'm going to participate in the battle, Wulf. If you don't mind, I'm going to sleep all day. See you tomorrow.
    I resisted yelling at the big dog lying on the floor, simply scolding him in my head. He walked off sheepishly to my room, and I could see him lie down on the bed. I began to answer Jorge's question. 'I wish to meet with Verulus and discuss the oncoming battle. I'll see you later, when we're all organised.' And with that, I walked out the door.



    Verulus sat on a wooden porch. Sitting next to him was a man in the same armor as the Solitude Guard. He had thick brown hair, but relatively short-cut. They were deep in what seemed to be an interesting and as a result, they didn't notice me until I walked up to them. Verulus momentarily left the discussion, turning to me. 'Wulf, what are you doing over here?' he pointed at his companion, 'This is Farskal. He's the head of the guard down here in Dragon Bridge.' 
    The man - Farskal - nodded towards me, and I nodded back. 'Sir, I was wondering,' Verulus motioned to go on, 'What are we planning today?' 
    Verulus smiled knowingly. 'Me and Farskal have come up with a plan. The Stormcloaks are said to attack when the sun falls - our spies are reliable. They are led by a man known as Istar Cairn-Breaker - a former legionaire, actually. He's well known throughout Haafingar, in fact. Our plan is to set up a wooden palisade around the town, and position pikemen on the palisade to quell the flow of Stormcloaks. Archers - led by you - will be hiding in the woods around the palisade, hopefully to give us a helpful advantage over the Stormcloaks  - we know they don't have many archers to back them up. Then Henrik Ironfist will lead the charge into the battle. Hopefully we come out on top.' I nodded, thanking Verulus and Farskal. They nodded back at me, bidding me farewell.



    I lifted a heavy wooden plank over my head, placing it down atop the makeshift palisade. A Dunmer - he had long, black hair, as well as a beard that ran across his chin, evolving into a mustache - I didn't know stood next to me, heaving heavy planks over towards the palisade. I introduced myself to him, and he laughed loudly. 'A Khajiit-Nord-Werewolf?' I smiled gently. He continued to laugh heavily. 'Well, my Mother - long gone, mind you - was a thief. Father, he was a werewolf. You see, Mother was was tasked with robbing him - she didn't know who he was, just that he had money, and she wanted it. Later that night, after a chance meeting, I was concieved. I don't know how - it shouldn't be possible, but either way, it happened. Mother left Father the night after, and I was raised by him. He used to call me a Nord in the skin of a Khajiit, with the attitude of a Werewolf.' The Dunmer simply grinned. 'My name's Tovasi Beravo, by the way. That's quite the story you've got there.' I nodded, agreeing with his statement.  'What's yours, Tovasi Beravo?' The Dunmer laughed at the use of his name. I had already started to like the dark elf, as well as his attitude. 'Well, it's a long one - you have time for it, or not?' I nodded, answering his question. 'It started in Morrowind - Vardenfell, before the Red Mountain went kaboom,' he mimicked an explosion, spreading his hands, 'I was a member of House Telvanni. My master, Neloth, was a fantastic enchanter. I wished to follow in his tracks, but he instead chose for me to follow the path of Alteration - he said I had some magical ability in Alteration, so that's what I learned. One day, an Argonian came through - apparently, he was the Nerevarine - though I didn't believe it. Master Neloth taught him though, so I followed along. Then, one night, I woke up on the docks near Solitude, and I felt as if an incredibly large amount of time had passed. I had no idea how - no idea why. I still don't know why, even to this day. I spent years trying to buy passage back to Morrowind, but apparently, the Red Mountain had exploded, making travel near impossible. I heard rumours of Master Neloth moving to Solstheim - some great wizard in a mushroom tower in the north - but found nothing solid on the matter. I took up a meagre living as an illusionist, but I had no skill in the school, so I became a guard. I moved to Dragon Bridge with this detachment a few years ago - been living ever since then, practicing magic when I can. That sort of thing.' I smiled at Tovasi. 'Well, thank you for sharing that with me, Tovasi! My name's Wulf-Blöd - my Father's father's name, actually.' Tovasi laughed, a sound that filled me with warmth. 'Well, Wulf-Blöd, the Nord-Khajiit-Werewolf, well met. I hope this will be a long and fantastic friendship!' 



    The Palisade was finally finished as the sun began to dip below the horizon in the sky. It was a large wooden wall, made out of planks supplied from the lumber mill. Guards with pikes stood watch over the forest that graced the woods near Dragon Bridge, looking for any sign of the impending Stormcloak threat. Tovasi Beravo stood to my left, and Jorge and Henrik were on my right. I turned to Henrik. 'Hey, you nervous?' Henrik smiled confidently. 
    'No! I welcome the chance to go to war and crush the skulls of the rebels under Ulfric's banner! For Skyrim!' I grinned nervously, turning to Jorge. 'You?' 
    'Yes, undoubtedly. Unlike our overhappy friend here,' he gestured towards Henrik, 'I do, however, still wish to defeat the Stormies.' I nodded in agreement.
    'Well, since you weren't asking me, I might as well step in. I am more agitated than Master Neloth without his canis-root tea! I do not wish to do battle! I wish to fall asleep and wake up in the morning with all of this behind me. However, that seems unlikely - If I wish to earn my pay, I must do battle. Sadly.' Tovasi grinned happily, and I laughed at his snarky comment. 'Either way, battle will come to us eventually. It is ineivitable.' Tovasi nodded, as if he understood. 
    'That it is. Let us just hope that we do not find ourselves sprawled on the ground in a pool of our own blood when all is said and done, eh?' 
    I felt uneasy after that. Tovasi simply grinned at me, oblivious towards the effect of his comment.



    I sat with my back up against a large tree almost as tall as the ones around my old forest, up in the woods of Haafingar. The bark scratched against my fur, but I didn't find it very irritating, rather mildly annoying. An archer wearing a helmet sat next to me, holding a bow made of a dark wood - mahogany, probably. 
    I fidgeted with my crossbow, which lay in my lap. I was quite annoyed at the fact Paws had chosen to sit the battle out, though I couldn't blame him. The nerves in my body racked my brain so much I felt as if I should go back to the inn, and fall asleep with Paws. I resisted the urge, and began to check my crossbow was in working order. Once I was satisfied, I tried to get some rest, despite how hard it was with the bark digging into my back. 



    And then the night exploded into screaming.


    Your's truly, Wulf




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  • Paws
    Paws   ·  July 4
     Tovasi Beravo seems pretty cool, interested to see where that friendship goes. Paws is a lazy bastard, and the chapter ends on an exciting note. I am looking forward to the next :)
    • Wulfhedinn
       Tovasi Beravo seems pretty cool, interested to see where that friendship goes. Paws is a lazy bastard, and the chapter ends on an exciting note. I am looking forward to the next :)
        ·  July 5
      Once more, you are my influence xD
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    I would quite like to do it, I'll think on it :)
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    I am slowly catching up with your posts. I just ask that you bear with me.
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